Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


hello Fred,
just posting to appreciate your work. well, it’s getting better and better! that’s almost done. i wish you luck!


New light looks mucho nicer :).



missing front pilot.


pretty cool now with this level of contrast…the ground and the ships are much better now !

Fantastic scene :buttrock:


Awsome work…:slight_smile:
The bottom light does some great work there…

You’re pretty close here, wishing the best


last light update enhanced the pic extremly. keep up the good work. crazy stuff man…:wink:


Troubles and problems with this one, cyclopean rendering times, crashes, etc, etc.

I've finally divide the pilot/cockpit in three different layers, to finalize a render.

The glass will be rendered apart.



he got a toothpick in his mouth , hahaha !

too bad u been having all those problems cause your work is so cool !


Long time since my last visit to your thread texxx and what I’m seeing its completly awesome, very nice textures and lighting work … The only thing I think it could be improve is the terrain, it could be more roughnes, but it’s just my opinion … your work is awesome
Good luck!!


Hey texxx just wanted to drop by and let you know that you are doing a great job. Love what you have done with the characters. I just have one suggestion that might be a nitpick but I’m going to tell anyway and see what you think.

I think that the cloud behind the foreground slug alien becomes distracting because it takes almost the shape of the outline of the slug alien, almost like an aura. you might want to consider to change the cloud shape a bit. Also some of the missle contrails far in the background look a bit cartooney, I guess it’s because the lines are too perfect, break them up a bit and see if how you like it.

Anyway, keep up the good work.:thumbsup:


Hey Fred,
You have some great models, very unique characters and ships.:thumbsup: I do get a star wars feel from your images. This is looking great, good luck with the contest.


SNoWs: you are right, I will correct the shape of the 1st cloud.


New light makes this even better - and the tothpick is soo cool, love it! Your work has been amazing from start - congrats!


si c trop tard, j’ai maté que les zimages…

ce qui aurait pu etre cool c’est un leger fog dans le canion…pour donner un peu de profondeur entre le bas et le haut…

it would have been cool to give little bit of depth to the canyon to add a slight layer fog…


correction on the pilot lighting.

  • light direcion
  • light color
  • intensity

As asked, I’ve corrected the closer cloud shape.


hi, amazing work and composition … I hope there will be some textures on that nearest ship - the hull and seat look too clean

only one more thing - you could open his eyes more, it`s a very nice texturing job, and it should be seen

btw, have you considered to make his clothes a little slimy around the neck ?


wow really a grat pict texxx !!! Bravo :thumbsup:



I really like your textureing, but I’m not sure about your background. I would say it’s not giving me any strong sence of mood, as well it seems in a different league of detail.

What would happen if you had a couple thin layers of clouds, then a distance fog? As well, adding color to the clouds or fog, making it look closer to sunset could enhance it.

Cool looking alien.


Wow! Really relaxed-looking alien- :slight_smile:
Hope U add the glass texture too, soon!


adding the glass.