Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


Denman: im fact, the glossiness settings are the same, only the light is different.

I will try to make the slug as slimy as the render you have posted.


ì wish you luck on it… :slight_smile:


Hi Fred!
Nice updates here :thumbsup: Damn Your good at texturing!
Are the hoses suppose to look that way, i mean this huge amount of specularity, maybe they would look better when looking something like rubber, dunno.
Anyways, keep it up mate!


yes, kakshk, this way, they look like shower hoses.


I like the wet version better too. If you can some how can get the skin shader to have more red in the epidermal layer of the shader it would really sell that skin.


Tres bien execute…:buttrock: …A wonderful overall entry,a style that appeals to me personally very much,done with class and top notch talent…:arteest:

…Now I would like to see the beautiful …Micheline Calmy Rey…In the cockpit with the slug…:wink: :arteest:


gloves, texture.


a “scene light” rendering test, to see how slug shader reacts.

Note the toothpick asked by arturro.


idem, a cockpit view.


:twisted: :love: Yeah!! it looks great, he has his own style:buttrock:


LOVE the toothpick!

Just beautiful work, design, texturing etc… awesome!



chuis pas un mega fan des bronzés…c’est quel acteur ?

mais j’aime l’idée du private joke…

I love the toothstick !!! really cool little detail…

and the wet version is great…althoug very light…don’t know if it will fit…


Better and better, nice done. But i can very easy spot that this is a skylight lightning, no reflections, no direct shadows.flat colors.
But the snail is ok.


Fred, I really enjoy your work. Very well done.


Baby: non, cochin est le surnom que je donne a un copain, il s’agit évidement d’un private joke.

Je citais le film (les bronzés f. d .s) a cause de ta réplique “copain comme cochon”, qui est un moment clé du film.

Darkone2652: yes, it’s a real problem. I working on more complex light, right now.

I finally don’t wont the slug too slimy, the specular reflect gets too much attention.


je capte rien moi en ce moment…
j’ai besoin de pioncer…


moi aussi, de plus, ce challenge commence a me &%ç.


just a small thing: whats out for the overexposure on his righ arm-forarm, it`s too bright(it must be the ray bounce trap):wink:


Beginning the renderings at point 0, with a more defined light.


light corrections.