Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


more details.


woooooow,thats totally amazing.incredible textures man :love::argh:


… ca fait tres mal aux fesses ton boulot!!
Ca fait plaisir de voir que les francais touchent bien leur bille en 3D… Moi je commence: je suis a l’IIM une cole de multimedia… je sais pas si tu connai c a paris a la defense…

Enfin bref bonne continuation … je suis de tres pret ton travail!


So awesome!

I wish the landscape had a bit more detail / irregularity specifically on the cliff edges but… I think the style you have now probably fits better with the whimsy in your imagery.

When the heck do we get to see the whole image??? These bits and bites are driving me crazy!


Great work so far!


especially for cgkrusty, the actual situation.


Sweet! Thanks for putting that up… now I can focus on the rest of my day!



wow, great work. i like your texturing. its great.


Very good job fresh. I can’t wait to see the final image. You are definetly a killer.
Keep going man you are on the right way for…:smiley:


Nice progress here mate and lots of action going around too! :slight_smile:

Nothin’ to crit waiting for that white front element! :thumbsup:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!:slight_smile:


NICE, great composition…
i love the details on the ground…


Looking very good. There is a minor detail, however, that I think would improve your image. The clouds you rendered in the background seem too detailed and they don’t really contribute to the overall image, I think. By removing them, you could get a clearer idea of the surface of this planet and it would also increase the sense of depth.

Great work!


sweet man! like aidea


IMO more dramatic lighting and overall color grade would not harm. Light above the clouds is usually pretty harsh, and here it could make things ‘pop’ :wink: more


a shader test, for the pilot slug.


as usual, your every next step is great. I have a small idea… I think that this pilot would rock even more with some sort of toothpick in his mouth:)


Man everytime I come in here I see work that totally blows me away! The SSS is great, but what really blew my mind was the texture of the skin on the whole…

Fantastic work as usual, nothing much to critic… :thumbsup:


lé cool

cochin ? copain comme cochin ? :slight_smile:


damn, i love your ships, the slug is very fine rendered. want to see it all togehter.
keep it on


More details, inside the cockpit.

Arturro: yes, good idea ! I will certainly add one.

baby : les bronzés font du ski ???


i like this material on the pilot better… because it looks more wet…

maybe you can make your latest update more wet also…