Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


Hi Fred,
I just came across your Space Slugs. I like it very much!
I just wanted to say, that my entry will feature also a few slugs, but they are not used as a character, as in your work, but as some kind of interplanetary spaceship. So I hope nobody is offended (in fact I read of your work after finishing the basic skin textures on my wip slug).

Waiting to see more of your great concept.



Hey nice work so far the models look great. I like the debris field idea, it works well in this context. Good luck !


the hedgehog textures are 90% finished.

Of course, due to the mirroring process, the decalcs are inverted.


texure 90% finished.

little parts not done yet.

Onthread: no problem, your slugs are completly different : )


All of your work is looking great so far, everything has this great sense of humour about it.

Great work!


Hi texxx

Your textures are wonderful, I have to move onto my spaceship soon,

looking forward to seeing your final iamge,

nice work!

check my link



hey texx well done:thumbsup:


awesome texturing mate! i spent ages trying to get that metal joint work look happening with square joints on my ship… in the end i used a different shape, but it takes time!

good work!


composing process.


Nice work! I like the implied cartoony motion coupled with the realistic texture detailing.

Good luck to you!


Yeah really photorealistic, i can’t wait to see the shole scene in movement…it looks a bit static in this picture…just some motion blur or photshop effect to add in the future… it looks very good man keep going !


the new updates are really amazing. you can make a short animation with these. the texturing are very professional and your serious too. different threads and different ideas and different personality. i like it.


Texturing skills beyond belief…u know your KUNG FU friend…congrats… :bounce:


Some of the mapping is not totally in line with the ships lines,It;s pretty clear,you can see this on the sides.But still some cool work,and overall a real nice entry.Good modeking and the textures are still nice.:slight_smile:


lol this is soo insane I love it… Keep it up!


what a quality…:drool:
what is the render engine

#197 -> rendered with vray 1.09.


Great work !

love every bit of it !


just super :slight_smile: ! I like it a lot !!


A little update.

Some adjustements with the atomic hedgehog (head direction and size of the foot), and a slugtroopers integration test.

the slug troopers will be VERY little on the final 300 dpi render.

(the pictures are issued from a 4096 x 4096 version).