Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


Francesco Paduano has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Return to Gaia

Thanks guys this is the final and is dedicate to Linda Ferroni my Love


bella li si potrà (moolto discretamente) fare una quanche battuta in italiano…
That’s funny so sometimes we can do some jocke in italian… good luck ficolo



:slight_smile: good look for you


Wishing you good luck, Francesco - a theme right up your alley, no? :thumbsup:


good look for you boy!!!:thumbsup:


frist draft


keep an eye on this thread…i really liked your alienware piece man !

What is that stuff ? the blue thing is a galaxy…am i wrong ?


work in progress


this is a frist my idea for this challenge… Thanks for your attention I’m very happy…




I love the feeling of vast space - it’s really great. There is one thing that probably could work a bit better - I mean adding some space on the left- right now main object is a bit too tight in frames IMHO, somehow disrupting composition.


ammazza oh guarda un po’, che te stà brucià`la casa ? sei rapido e alla faccia du schizzetto :wink:

wow I’m impresse how you work fast Ficolo… stunning skech ! :thumbsup: wondeful colors choise !


dam youre fast! looking really nice…keep pushing! …i wish u good luck!


great concept!! lovely colours and light across the planet surface.

Is anything going in the space in the top half of the image? (i’m not saying it needs it… just curious)


Am too much fast? Ok! :eek: I stay me for today… :thumbsup:
Thanks to all of you for the compliments



wow…stunning stuff here.Love the concept and the detail on it its just amazing!!
Good luck!!


it suprises me how good some people in the 3d-contest are in doing 2d stuff, amazing :slight_smile:


hi friend how are you, this is amazing art man, keep up i like the feeling of vastness on this piece.



For -Andy- Thanks and good luck for you…:thumbsup:

For PreatORiAn I believe is always good to know how to draw whether to model…:scream:

For Designer2 I’m fine and you? thanks for your considerations…:love:


Looking good. I really like the “space tranquility” of your concept. Massively peaceful.

Good luck for the challenge!