Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dominic Leskinen


Dominic Leskinen has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Clarion Array

Final image - enjoy.
Concept remains the same: The collective vivid dream of the passangers aboard the ‘seedship’, destined to colonise a new world…



i have pre-empted myself here a bit as i am just in the process of acquiring the tools with which i hope to enter something into this competition, i.e a computer.



Done very quickly by mouse… just to get it down on ‘paper’.

It’s based on a dream.


The image represents the collective dream of the passengers in hybernation on this ship travelling to some distant planet… whilst they sleep they imagine themselves on this grassy planet looking back at their ship…


changed the framing, colour balance and visibility…

it’s very basic… i don’t plan to do much for the concept level


just fiddling with it…


It is a shame most of the users on this forum will not recognize the sublte bueaty of the image you have created. I really like the soft quite colors. The dark human figures seem so tragic, and this contrast well with what otherwise would seem like a pretty green day at the park. There is a great sense of impending doom.

Keep up the good work. I think you have something intersting…


thankyou for your comments… it’s interesting what you say about the ‘impending doom’, i guess that there is a certain element of fear for those people… they are dislocated souls in transit and all they can do is watch, they have no recourse for action …just sleeping passengers heading for some unknown destination…


just some modelling plans traced over my original sketch, no changes.


rough model to start off with…


I find your scetch lightning really fascinating. It seems to be a warm day just before rain.
This is my prefered state of nature. It’s just when it feels so quiet, so calm. And therefore I believe that it contains a real mystery. All those people know thomething (aren’t they :slight_smile: and spectator can only suppose what secret they hide, what all this means…
Such a concept I’d place on my desctop with pleasure.
Actually as for me I don’t think that there are necessary planty of dertails. It’ just great as it is (well, some 3d models are wellcome :slight_smile:
I hope to see it’s final state very close to your scetch.
Good working

my Space Opera page>>>


First time I see this thread. I like your concept! And the image seems to raise more qestions than answers, so far, really good work and I’m looking forward to see the rest :thumbsup:


took me a while to get a texture that i could continue with… this one seems okay tonight, let’s see in the morning :slight_smile:


testing the lighting with fog and some weird depth of field… not quite right but it’s starting to shape up… characters need development and i could have spent more than 2 minutes on the grass texture… also no shadows.


thank you Deryk and Gunilla for your comments!

yes, the calm before the storm… -maybe- but in any case it seems most of you are right, that something IS about to happen… but what?

…the mystery continues…


I think it would be best to show something just about to happen,something exciting,what i see now is kinda boring.Whats the actual plan here.There is no real visuals or excitement.i mean a mystery is great,but you need to show more before hand for anyone to really care about whats next in this so-called mystery.AnywaysmI am probably missing something,I’ll wait till you finish to judge better.:slight_smile:


Very cool concept. I like it alot. Keep it up!


Very interresting.
It’s a little Magritte-like, for me.


thanks for all the comments!

Kylebrn / this is about tension and potential not about the event itself. there always has to be a point before… life isn’t all about action and adventure… everybody has to sleep, everybody has to wait for something…

||) |V| |^| / Thanks!

JPCohet / I just did a google for Magritte, and I can definitely see you what you mean. But I guess his works are still very abstract and surreal.

I am really trying to make this realistic and less abstract… just in case i haven’t made it clear before, I’m not trying to make anything mind blowing. This is intentionally a simple idea, and the simpler I can keep it the more direct the effect of the image will hopefully be…


here she is… the interest… trying to make the dress look as if it is caught in a breeze, might have to work it a bit more…