Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


Congratulations! Fantastic CG.


congrats dimi… :thumbsup:



I´m sending congrats from cologne to athen now:

-O.K…pushed da button-




Thank u guys , really apreciated … :slight_smile: …hope to see u all again in a new one…



You got robbed!
Tho some some of the work earned its place, you shoulda been up there with placers not just a mentionable.
What the last 2 challenges have taught me is without a moderate cg degree and about $10,000 in software and hardware, a hobbyist is just that in and among these ranks of of professionals.
Finishing the challenges is no longer a good enough reason for me to enter these contests without the education,tutoring,software and hardware for the task.
I gotta face it, getting good enough with the 'ware and gear I use is true sci-fi to think I’d ever make the mention list.

Congrats Dimitri you deserved better.


I complitely agree…!
Your final image is great Dimitris…! Outstanding work…! :thumbsup:
All the best and cheers…! :beer:


Well…atleast you got something…a Mentioning!!!

If you dont get the thread thing award I would think they hate you or something…You got A kickass final and you got THE BIGGEST thread in the 3d section of the contest…so start thinking about how to assasinate some judges…HAHAHA :wink:


:bounce: at last you got one of these!

tho IMHO you deserved at least a BOXX!


i’m glad to work along side with you from past 2 challenge ,and I recieve valuable comments from you to develop my work , hope to see you again in the next one!


No so bad result! :cool:


• Congratulations Bubble man! :beer: you should be very proud :thumbsup:! hope to see you more online



Although you were placed a bit higher on my personal list, i would not have liked to be one of the judges, the top entries are all very good


Just in for an official congrats, greek… You’ve already gotten the WSA, so I realise of course that the honorable mention sort of seems pale in comparison :smiley:


U mean this? …Hell yeah…This is going to be printed on a summer tshirt…hehehehh:bounce:

Few people on this planet have this honour to have this prize…:beer:


How many wabbits do I have to maim kill and run over to win one of these, again?


Hi dimi,

great to see u in the hall of award winners…:thumbsup: Heavy congrats goes ou to u, dude:scream: :thumbsup:

Great finish, great artwork, aahh u know that all…

cya in the next challenge, until then the best to u, mate…and your wife…:love: :smiley:


If you print it I want my copy !



Congrats on your great image. It was an education to follow your work. :thumbsup: :applause:


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