Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


well if you will stand in the way :rolleyes:



Hi Dimitris, I want to make some changes im my computer becouse at the final of this challenge it was very difficult to me to made the final image. I want to ask you if you don’t care off course. What are the specification of your computer? or some advice you can give me to better my computer. Thanks.


Hi SnakeFarlow …my setup is rather wierd right now…Modeling and texturing is done in a P4 (Small factor PC) which has 1Gbyte ram and a pretty descent OPENGL card (ATI FireGL X2 256t ) on…this station has Maya and XSI…Zbrush work for extra modeling and texturing is done in a MAC Dual G5 with 3 gigs of ram. and an NVIDIA 6800 ULTRA for G5 (256Mbytes )…there also all renders are done through command line to activate Maya MR rendering …that’s it …

But basically what u need is just a station (better with 2 cpus ) , LOTS of RAM , Hard disk space to have space and a Very Good OPEN GL card Nvidia or ATI ,…your choice …search a lot on this)…and of course an app that suites your needs…

hope i helped…



WOW impressive! I am juste passing by to say great job Dimitris:thumbsup: I was very busy these time but now I look to that monster chalenge and I see so much great stuff… I wish you the best for the voting my friend cya :slight_smile:


only want to wish u good luck for votin’ (with knowing u don’t need it,hehe:scream: )

Really one of da best entries here, mister nutman:buttrock: wanna see it printed in the eposé series, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Holy s…t, now i know why my computer didnt want to coperate. Thanks Dimitris but here im my contry Ecuador, its very difficult to find cpu whit 3g RAM, I can´t even reach 1g RAM, i think i will work hard this months to get one cpu from another contry.


@ Cygnus_X …hey man …how are u ? :bounce:…thanks for the kind word!

@ Saschi0815 :slight_smile: thanks my friend …Your GSO is my disk forever my friend…u did awesome work and very much different approoach from the most of us…:thumbsup:

@ SnakeFarlow … hmmm …i can understand your problem…well if in your country is a bit difficult to find a setup like this …try through a local reseller of the big companies that make machines like this (professional workstations) . If money right now is an issue (for whom it isn’t ?..) …cuase i understand that workstations cost a lot …then my best advice is NOT to buy piece by piece and built one …cuase technology changes fast…so better gather the money u need and then go out there and make a new workstation…hope i helped :slight_smile:


Everybody loves your work man!!! :thumbsup: I think you will win this Challenge!!! :thumbsup:


i protest cause the magnificient sparrow fighter got such a minor part when
it’s beautiful design screams for the spotlights !



@ Mefisto …thanks friend for the kind words…really motivating :thumbsup:

@ …little bastardo with wings…A.K.A Squibbit …ok …here u are …just for ya :bounce:

and a bubble i like to see…

…ok now? :scream:


Justa stopin by to say hello and say again congats on finishing,you had a vision…and you realized it in a tremendous way…as if you don’t have enough…here’s two more… :thumbsup: :love:


Hey Dim! • I just drop by to tell u that thanks to your great work during this Challenge and all your great sense of humor, You have been awarded with my Vote :smiley: :applause: …you, the same as others deserve one more point to your Scores! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the last picture Dim… I’m crying again… :applause:


Lemooog !!! u stole my line !!!



Go Dimi Go, Nice to see your image all done. Looking very grand indeed my friend, goodluck to you and hope to see you in the next challenge :slight_smile:


hey dude u always play UT or u got other games
like Battlefield Vietnam ?


Squibbly thing - I’m afraid he can’t answer that because he’s currently busy being dead under some opponent’s tank or something…


lol , ok , welll, I’ll check the boards again after u find one of those
mighty skillfull medics that roam the cyber battlefields


he’s good at that :smiley:

Edit: correction, he is VERY good at that :smiley:


Hi Dimitris! I took a look over your previous challenge works-and the progress has been unbelievable :slight_smile: U have attended 7. contests?? After next 7 contests id like to be just behind U :slight_smile:
Anyway- 12 points in 10-degree scale :slight_smile: