Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


Ah, not every day one gets to see a tripple post… An astounding effort :thumbsup:


Awesome figure modeling Dimitri, (my downfalling) I just can’t get the jist of it(figure modeling)
I really like this one the sense of depth and and 3 dimensionality is right there.
so much to look at in this scene, it will take days to view it all.


Beautifull man, really clean the work of yours. :bowdown:

Congratulations and good luck! :arteest: :arteest: :arteest: :arteest: :arteest:


Looks fantastic. Great composition and lots of cool details. I don’t think you needed the guy on the right, though. Think it would be better with a trail of defeated foes or something. Don’t know why, so the comment’s probably not worth much. I think you’ve got a winner this time around.


Your final image is just great.You have worked a lot for it and you helped others a lot.Although i have an entry for the 2d area i was looking your entry from time to time and seeing your effort.You are very deticated in your work and not a distructed person, like me maybe:) , who try to find time, i would like an advice maybe for that!
and in greek since i am a Greek Cypriot:) …eisai teleios dike mou…in english(you are perfect man).

My entry:
Backround is Pentadahtilos mountain in Cyprus.Since 1974 under Turkish troops.


Hello Dim! Great final mate! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

The amount of things going on over all this image is really epic by itself…adding the scale…the work behind…the grande thread…:slight_smile:

It was a real pleasure and education watching this idea evolving…:)…

Best wishes on your completed project!!:thumbsup:

Kalh epituxia Dhmhtrh, o’ti kalutero! :slight_smile:


Indeedy! And remember - in space everything is 3D :smiley:


You’re probably nut, lol, but it’s for the happiness of our eyes, then how could we resist ? :thumbsup:


great you did…lets see what happen…;):thumbsup:


What an amount of quality work! Well done patrioti , best of luck :slight_smile:


Far out thats Awsome! Good work Daniel:thumbsup: I really like what you have acomplished here I will save this one if you don’t mind! awsome work man good luck to you!


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Takes me a sec. I am officially impressed. Top notch Dimi, (swallows empty) Rockz Intergallactic!
Best luck!:thumbsup:


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I can’t help it PiGGY …flaeticia rocks :love::love: weeeeeee!

the1st_angel …hey man…thanks…how are u ?..everything ok now with your house and all?..i am happy to hear from u again :slight_smile: