Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


Well, one masterpiece that was created in this challenge…hope to see your work again (as soon as possible…:thumbsup: )


As I’m better to do a picture than write in english… I that exprim what I feel yet…

…it’s certainly my last wallpaper in this challenge Unkle Dimi :smiley:

(click on it for the 1600x1200…)


ROFL :applause:


Ahahah ! sure Dim will be the first potatoe winner !


good luck.:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock: :applause:


Good work Dimitris! I really like your composition. Lots of action and still not too much to distract the viewer from the overall image.

Good luck for the voting!




I´m speechless your Image is (in German) “DER OBERHAMMER”

I think you are the winner of this Challange.

Absolut great image 100% Vote by me!!

Good luck & i hope to see u on the next Challange!


Hi Dimi

I´m speechless your Image is (in German) “DER OBERHAMMER”

Have no idea what it means, but it should be a compliment.

Very, very, very nice. Really great composition, very easy to find the story in this image.

Good luck on the final judging.

 AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..[b].U Crazy Frenchy beer Maya NUT NUT NUT NUT [/b]...hahahahaha...i love u man...hahahahahahah  ...i couldn't do again in a challenge without u crazy Frenchy ..ahahahahahha 
 This is Officialy my new wallpaper man....:thumbsup:

…the best prize that came out of this challenge was i think the fun …the teasing , the Nutty attitude and most certainly the really good friends i made through this my friend…
:buttrock:…U guys rock…darn i love this place …now i am touched…

 @ [b]flaeticia  [/b]....yes's true ..i am tottaly NUTS
 @ [b]gpepper [/b].... :buttrock: ...u rock man...and i still think that u have e one of the most FUNKY avatars in CGtallk...along with [b]Wabbit [/b]and [b]AJ23  [/b].....thanks for your support man...
 @ [b]vampeta [/b]....thanks really hope to see ya too ...
 @ [b]Pufferfish  ...[/b]Thank u friend... i am glad u like it...although some stuff i amde in modeling are not inside i am happy cause this way i avoided ..i think.. a very busy final image..:)
 @ [b]OLOUS TOUS ELLINES [/b]...(to all Greeks in here)...Thanks Guys ..i am really honored to hear this and mostly happy to see in this challenge many Greeks..i wish i could see more..that will mean that more Greeks are getting Nutty and make the 3d community in Greece bigger and better :)
 @ [b]-tolga-  [/b]...Thank u friend...i must say that your work is amazing in 2d Challenge... and i am in love with your avatar ..there i said it....:D
 @ [b]uwil, matrixreality, Grimreaper1981  [/b]...:beer:
 @ [b]arturro ...[/b]and i quote ...

he’s not crazy. He was just afraid uf us and his wife, because She would kill him if he wasn’t successful here after so much time that he gave to this challenge instead of being with the family and maybe wouldn’t kill him, but for sure we would forced him to make everything from skratches if after so great work, he made an ugly final work So I think his mentality is rather stable. It was just a fear and working under pression am I right Dimi?:twisted:


…hahahaha…man u are 100% correct …hahahahahaha…although i managed to hide the ungly boots in any case …roflamo…lol…

 @ [b]Kgragh .... :beer:[/b]


Congratilations! Fantastic work.

Your image looks like winner to me. Everything is clear and your compositing is perfect.
I thought I wanted to crit something but when I’ve looked again the greatness of your work dazzled me and I don’t remember what was it


Excellent work!:thumbsup:


Liatso gera to boxx einai konta!

You could make a FPS out of these models!
“Total Mayhem 3”
the fall ao Kahledar


Liatso gera to boxx einai konta!

You could make a FPS out of these models!
“Total Mayhem 3”
the fall of Kahledar


It’s a very nice image !
I love it :thumbsup:



BUT (Its the party pooper again!! run!!)

why arent they shooting the enemy if its right in front of them??

if its a planetery (?) war then where is the lead? the C4?? Santax?? bomb shells??? nuclear mushroom??? something that will represent a bloody and brutal war with lots of BOOOM’s and bullets flying? sharpnal piercing heads?? ground blowing up in a cool way?? you know…hollywood!! thahahaha…I’m kinda crazy right now so if the cr*p I wrote above doesnt make any sense blame me!!!



Crazy A.M


well dimi … as i said this is one of my fav! there are also 2-3 more… :smiley:
congratz and thnx man … well u know :smiley:


GOOD work Dimitris:thumbsup: i think you have acomplished one of the best subbmittions i am waiting with a lot impatient to see the three first winners.


Sorry double post…


Hmmmmmm…and another one.


according to my email inbox there should be another 3 yet to come :smiley: