Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


wow… incredible final mate

congratulations… alot of hard work pulled off!

now you can sit back and chill, have a beer… cheers ;p


As everything in this life someday comes to an end,
so has this great challenge.
May all your hard work, effort, imagination and creativity you put in this project for the last 3 months be rewarded as deserved.
I wish you the very best, and I think that with this overwhelming image, but as well with the excellent wips you provided through this period you have bombastic chances for the ultimate reward!:thumbsup: :applause:


That’s great, Dimitris! you did an amazing amount of work in thischallenge , and like fellah, I was a bit doubtful about how it would look on your final.
But you really made a grand finish ! your final compo is excellent, we feel like inside the action, and it doesn’t look too crowded or overdetailed.
Hats off!


Amazing pic, wondefull work, all the elements are great, i like this project,is a very very impresiv work, you are a master of 3 d, good luck for the end


well , i thank u too for bringin crazyness to the contest , n piggels n wabbito n empy n
evribody too , feels like home :thumbsup:

thanks for makin things fun!


Its OPERA-ish…

A WINNER!!!:thumbsup:


:applause: Dimitris… I don’t have words… is… :eek:

you made a spectacular thread with this work and all pieces of this GSO are impressive…



Wow, really impressive work, Congratulation for finishing it. :applause:

Now take a deep breath and prepare for the next challenge :smiley:



hey Dim thats really a cool picture!, congrats! :thumbsup: :bounce:


:applause: :applause: :applause:

Good luck!



Great Greeck Potatoe did a Great great picture !
I must say , respect my friend you are our master !:bowdown:

You deserve your Ouzo ! :beer:


WOW , great image:buttrock:


Man you’re crazy ! But it’s very beautiful !
I’m so impress by you’re final comp :thumbsup:
Excellent work :love:


he’s not crazy. He was just afraid uf us and his wife, because She would kill him if he wasn’t successful here after so much time that he gave to this challenge instead of being with the family:) and maybe wouldn’t kill him, but for sure we would forced him to make everything from skratches if after so great work, he made an ugly final work:) So I think his mentality is rather stable. It was just a fear and working under pression:) am I right Dimi?:twisted:


great scene Dimitris! congratulation on your great effort.:bounce::beer:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :applause: :applause: :applause: thank you for giving us this big impression , that there are no limit in 3d creation .
you are the best artist who inspire me .
good luck for the 1st price:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: amazing work :thumbsup:
:thumbsup: real grand finish:thumbsup:


:bounce: MAn u are ALL OF U so great …really thanks…now for those finished and posted their final images…or all free to do something else…

Server Onslaught Atari Euro demo #10…NOW!:twisted::twisted::twisted:


:eek: Hey Dimi u’re even better than our greek restaurant besides our appartement…looks awesome,man! I can smell the smoky air filled with the battlenoise and the screams of the wounded…boaaahh…Deep respect, I’m bubbled now…:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:


Megale apsogo!! Den paizesai!oti kalitero!Makari na xeis to vraveio!

And for those that do not understand Greek I just said that the guy is great and that he made the best project! I hope that the prize will go to you Dimitri!

:applause: :thumbsup: