Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Cláudio Jordão


Merry Christmas to you my friend… :thumbsup:

And for the picture… I prefer with less fog… cause they’re less contrats in the lower part of your composition… it’s more confuse for me… but what you decide, your work is anyway great :arteest:


simply GRAND!


Hey Cláudio!

Great stuff mate! I’ve been absent for a while now, but I always kept an eye on your thread and I sure wasn’t disappointed :thumbsup:

I love the composition and the fog effect on the river bank… you have achieved the perfect balance between the visible and the suggested…

My only crits are: your light source is still creating very harsh shadows on the bridge upper structures, and the river could use some smaller wave detail… also imho you could tint the water a slight blue whithin your pallete, just to differenciate it from the mist…

Other than that it’s with great joy that I can say that your entry is now among my very favourites!!! :applause:

Take care mate!


Claudio…Your wild and imaginative piece has come along as I am sure you intended…Things have shaped up in this last update quite well…I can only suggest you give the water a more blue tint,a better contrast from the mist as Rui_Padinha suggested,it was my first thought as well…As well as Lemog’s suggestion of less fog,a slight touch less,this way your mood will be maintained…Your right there with what you wanted,just some minor tweaks,not like me with major work ahead of me…:wink:

…Ok give this the last tweaks,looking very powerful your image,your icon…Well done Claudio,really unique,all the best to you…:arteest: :beer:


nice effect, but try to involve also some blue/violet reflections on white-lighter area, will be in harmony with the backgroung. keep going.


Thanks a lot for your comments guys… I’ll try to post some updates when I get the time! Thank you very much.


Realy good ideas behind this project


This is very nice, I like the idea of working with more abstract concepts. It is nice to see work that breaks away from the traditional ideals. keep up the great work, very inspiring.



Hello guys! I think this is pretty much how my final image will look. What do you think?


Hey - well done! I think it looks terrific - small detail is that I really miss some of the saturated warm red from the previous one. I think it gave the scene more of a intense dramatic feel. New sea texture is great :thumbsup:

… getting closer now, just some days left - good luck!


Wow …one of the things that really strikes me very much is the religious
feelling to it …very beautiful !..Depth is better in the last image…waiting to see your final…Very nice …veeeery nice ! :):thumbsup::thumbsup::slight_smile:


Your icon,and your intentions stand up proud Jordao…well done,your vision has come across just as you intended.Well done,I appluaud your unqiue take and execution…See you soon,and all the best…:arteest:


this looks simply beautiful!..great compo!..just…WOW!


Well, it’s done. This is my final image.

My image is a personal interpretation of an excerpt of a poem called “The Message” by Fernando Pessoa.

This excerpt tells us about the return of a Portuguese King called D.Sebastião, who disappeared, on a foggy day, during a great battle in 1578.
Because his body was never found, the Portuguese created some prophecies for his return.
The most famous prophecie tells us, that he will return, with his new spiritual army, in a same foggy day, of the 21 of December of 2012.
And since D. Sebastião - The Hidden One, was a knight from the ancient “Order of Christ”, I’ve decided to represent his spiritual army like the Cross/Rose of that Order.

Here is that excerpt:

The Hidden One

What fertile symbol
Comes with the restless dawn?
On the Dead Cross of the World,
Life, which is the Rose.
What divine symbol
Brings the day already seen?
On the Cross, which is Destiny,
The Rose which is Christ.

What final symbol
Shows the sun already awakened?
On the dead and fatal Cross
The Rose of the Hidden One.

And now in portuguese:

O Encoberto

Que símbolo fecundo
Vem na aurora ansiosa?
Na Cruz Morta do Mundo
A Vida, que é a Rosa.

Que símbolo divino
Traz o dia já visto?
Na Cruz, que é o Destino,
A Rosa que é o Cristo.

Que símbolo final
Mostra o sol já desperto?
Na Cruz morta e fatal
A Rosa do Encoberto.


Ahhh - there it is! Let me be the first to congratulate you. Beautiful image and the whole approach for the theme and finalisation of this challenge is truly unique. I really love it and I hope to see more of your work in the future. Good luck - it has been fun, hasn’t it? :slight_smile:


Indeed CONGRATS for a terrific image with an amazing vision …OLE…OLE…OLE :bounce:


Yes… your image was like your vision… hard… strong… and also beautiful… fantastic treatment and interpretation of the topic… best wishes for you… :thumbsup:



Hello guys, just want to thank you all so much for all your words, suggestions, critics, and all those things that made possible for me to end this project.

It was really a pleasure to share once again this experience with all of you.

Thank you very much:

Sandino Rangel Martinez
||) |V| |^|

Good luck for all of you, see you next time!


Claudio…As I mentioned earlier your icon,and your intentions stand up proud…You set out for thought provoking icon and in my opinion achieved it…A unique appraoh and well done to back the opriginal creation…Congrats on achieving what you set out to do,and all the best of luck to you.It’s been nice meeting you here,and I hope to see you here in the future with more of your work/art…:arteest: :beer:


Hi Cláudio!

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long, but other things have been stealing my time away from Space Opera (unfortunately…).

I just want to show you my respect and admiration. You’ve managed to pull off a great piece, both design and artisric wise. You’ve also managed to take control of the process and really plan things accordingly so that your wourk could come trough… Congratulatons!:thumbsup:

Um grande abraço Cláudio, vemo-nos por aí :slight_smile: