Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Cláudio Jordão


hey great going man… keep up the good works… i like that huge-looking-red thing-in-the-sky… job well done…


Here’s a few frames of a short travelling by the scene.
I’m thinking in a composition like that for the final image. What do you think?
Is it allowed?


I think you are certantly doing a very nice job claudio…And I want more frames now…:slight_smile:

This is a very unique aproach,and the overall sense is dramatic and has great scope…Keep the art in the fast lane,looking real nice…:arteest:


A Big one.


Ohhhh… your last update is looking great - and on top of that, epic :thumbsup: The curch in the background is a real improvement - keep’em coming!


Last image looks amazing.

However, I dunno about the more than one frame idea… I think it’d look much better with just one large image… the one you called “a big one”, lol.


Your work has a unique style and the forms you create are very interesting, although i can’t really make out what it is at a grance it certainly looks GRAND.


Thanks Virtuoso, maybe I’ll render more frames for you, now it’s time to refine a few things!

Gunilla, yes… it is in fact my intention to represent an epic moment. And no, it’s no church in the background :slight_smile: it’s a real monument in the city of Lisbon called “Cristo Rei - King Christ” which stand by the river Tejo, at the side of that bridge called “25 of April”.

Thanks Stevetwist, I think I’m gonna follow your advise!

Hhssuu, thanks for the compliment… but what dont you understand exactly? Have you read the story? Maybe it helps :slight_smile:

The story is based in a excerpt on a poem called “The Message” by Fernando Pessoa.
Basically it speaks of the return of a Portuguese King called D.Sebastião, who disappeared, on foggy day, during a great battle in 1578.
Because his body was never found, the Portuguese created some prophecies for his return.
The most famous prophecie tells us, that he will return in a same foggy day, of the 21 of December of 2012.

This image is a personal interpretation of that return.

Did it helped?


That’s take a true good way and with the latest explanation, I understand better the concept… really original… and this originality do a lot for the greatest of your work… don’t stop… I’m want to see the next step man :thumbsup:




Wow! This is a verry interesting idea you`re devlopping here claudio and the stylistic is really great :thumbsup: personnaly I made many images with this kind of flashy volume light beacause I love the ambiance which it gives…

Did you plan to add some any kind of small moving elements to the red cross? or the scene will still with this symbol “alone”? :curious:

Keep up the great art :thumbsup:


I love this , awesome. This last image is fantastic.



Claudio, it’s really amazing to see the difference the lighting makes! The model was looking promising, but it wasn’t until you got all the lighting effects in place that the image is raised to a whole different level, and earns the word “spectacular.” It’s both truly iconic, and suggestive of the SF theme in a way that’s quite original. If this were a movie poster, I’d sure as heck want to see the film! Two thumbs up!


this render looks sooo coool!.. the rendering seems to me is very powerful to me. magnificent work man… i just love the color… keep it up man!.. :thumbsup:


Olá Cláudio!

Wooha! Great stuff mate! You truly have achieved an original and mystical feel…

I do have a few crits, however… the ship is taking too more of the picture frame imho, it is clearly the most important piece in your image, but by almost filling the frame with it you are loosing some of the other elements, namely the bridge imho…

The statue looming trough the arch of the cross really works tough, but I think you could alter the composition so that the cross\ship would be a bit smaller and give the bridge more visibility, as well as allow the whole image to “breathe”… it’s getting tight in there :eek: !

I also think you could create addittional small light patterns on the ship’s hull for extra detail…

Take care mate, and congrats once again :thumbsup:


Olá Cláudio.

I’ve been watching some of your posts and I think that you have a genuine and original idea.

However I must agree with Rui when he says that:

It seems like that you have put some foggy noise to hide the detail on the ship.

Maybe you could try to create some skyline to give some “realistic” expression to the picture whitout taking much of the magical feeling. And the water is really beautiful! :thumbsup:
Bom trabalho,



Wow!.. wow!.. wow! that’s a very good perspective illustration… I think the Jesus is pretty small or it loose begind the light… otherwise it is grat


Hello Nomad, thank you for your comment!
This “symbol” which represents “The Order of Christ”, is the main character of the scene. It is composed by thousands of elements that, in this instance, begin spreading to the world.
So, I cant spread then too much, or we’ll lose the perception of the Cross.
I might move one or other element, but I think that this is pretty much the final configuration.

Thank you very much BartokDesign. Valeu!

Nuclearman, you know, I’m thinking very seriously in make a movie about this. Who knows! Thanks.

Hey overcontrast, thanks you very much my friend!

Rui_Padinha, yeah… you are absolutly right my friend! I was in fact thinking that the Cross was too close… you’ve read my mind!
However, I dont know about the light patterns… but I’ll give it a try. Thanks friend!

Thanks you very much for your words Joana, it’s always nice to see Portuguese in this Forum.
I’m not sure about the skyline, because this is supposed to be a foggy morning! But I’ll keep that in mind. Obrigado mais uma vez.

Guys, you are amazing!


I’ve refined the Cross textures and some little details in the bridge. Added some trees to the other side of the river.
Created some turbulance in the water.
And added some variations to the Background and Fog colors!
And I’m tired!!!


for the textures… sure, it’s better and we see better JC…

For the turbulence… I think it’s too much lite… To see and understand the power… some great waves, with sorts of vapors will be more impressive… as the lighting push the water… lights are hot, and night waters are cold, and that create, vapor, smoke with the turbulence… you see ?