Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Cláudio Jordão


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Well… I guess this is my submission for today!
I hope I have better luck tomorrow :sad:


Latest image is superb! I love the blurryness - it gives a load of motion to the piece, making it very active… which is cool!

It’d be sweet to see that big red cross reflected in the water also, but I guess you’ll get to that later??

As for changing my mind… maan it hurt bad! (lol) Uhh, I still got a headache actually… nah, I’m fine! yay! And thanks for the support over my piece… I sure hope I can get it done in time (that’s the biggest problem… the deadline). I should have an update over on my thread soon… I’m just modelling the lead male character at the moment.

Anyway, absolutely awesome! What more is there to say?


Olá Cláudio!

Nice going mate! I really love the feel and composition of your last pic… but when I was thinking about the actual site, I figured that some of the strongest images you can get of Almada and the bridge are actually by night!!!

So why not make it a night piece? You could surely benefit from using the Cross\sip as a light source, reflecting on the waters of the Tejo and lighting up it’s surroundings… and you would get away with a fairly low poly version of Almada, because it’s by night and you really can’t see the southern shore that well… just concentrate on the lighting and the glow FX…

As for references I suggest you grab yourself a camera and take some pictures from Belém… you can then buid a low poly model and do whacky stuff with it, like building additional structures and try to figure out how how the cityscape will look a few years from now…

Anyway, hope this helps! Keep it up :thumbsup:

Um abraço!


Dam! I’m still having the same problem of yesterday with the submission of the entrys, and I found out that I’m not the only one!

Please… can’t someone fix that!!!

Glad you like that version Stevetwist, I would like you to see the new version, the one I cannot submit… maybe tomorrow!

Rui, that’s a very good suggestion, but as I said back there :slight_smile:
“… supposedly this all scene is taking place in a foggy morning”.… as the poem says!

But thanks anyway… maybe you could comment the next version, the one I still cannot submit… maybe tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys


Hi claudio_jordao

That is a powerfull image, reminds me of the christian crusaders from long ago, the knights,
you could have metal spaceships with Iron chain mail,

I look forward to following this thread

Paul P. Patina!


Having trouble uploading? That’s to bad, I was really looking forward to see where you’re going… I like yesterdays image. Almost as much as I can forget about the rose, but not quite :slight_smile:
Perhaps you could add the rose into this one? Perhaps that could soften up the shape of the cross and make the image more rythmic. The foggy morning light in this one is just beautiful - can I borrow some?
Anyway, I’m sure your new image will be spectacular - looking forward and good luck with solving the technical issues :thumbsup:


wow…your renders looks chaotic but at the same time beautiful…i dont fully understand how is going to look everything together…but im sure is going to b great…ill be watching your work…i think youre doing some kick ass artwork here!!..good luck mate!


You keep surprising me pleasantly :slight_smile: Your work is just so inspiring… Keep it up i just can’t wait to see what comes out of this :slight_smile:


Cláudio! You’re absolutely right, how could I forget that detail :eek: ?

Need to review my knowledge of Potuguese lore… shame on me…

Um abraço


Well it seems like the problem is fixed now… lets see!


Fascinating - and a very powerful image with a discreet, yet obvious symbolic quality. :thumbsup:


Rose of the hidden one…A Grand scene coming here Claudio…I like your plan,and your choice of color pallette,some beautiful colors in your work already…I will follow,this will be a interesting and I think very nice piece of art as you move forward…Keep at it strong…:arteest:


New upload didn’t disappoint me at all - wonderful stuff!


Hello guys… thank you very much for all your comments… you are the best!
Here’s an update of the cross.


wish to see the detail from near
great :thumbsup:


I’m always speechless at the front of your art man… When I see your latest pictures… I find them truly beautiful… but I don’t understand exactly the final way… then… I’m waiting impatiently what’s following :bounce:


Patina, "…reminds me of the christian crusaders from long ago, the knights".
Cool, that’s exactly the idea.
D. Sebastião - The Hidden One, was a knight from the ancient “Order of Christ”, and this cross is the obvious representation of his return, as Emperor of the Fifth Empire. Thanks!

Gunilla, I’m trying to not disappoint you… but if I do… please, have no problem in your critics. Thanks.

Rattlesnake, thanks for you support and keep watching mate!

Borro, eheh… glad I inspire you! thanks.

Rui, atão man?.. D. Sebastião!.. manhã de nevoeiro!.. tsss tsss tsss! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support friend.

Hey JamesMK, it’s always nice to see you here, thanks!.. and, come more often :thumbsup:

Hello Virtuoso, It’s such a honor! Thanks for your words!, your wishes are my command! :slight_smile:

Lemog, “… but I don’t understand exactly the final way…”.
Lol, me neither my friend… me neither!
I guess I’m going by… the felling of it. Thanks!


A closer look at the Cross!


…and a global look at the all scene… for now!



I love the way the cross makes the viewer look down towards the seemingly tiny statue right on the horizon, and the bridge also guides the viewer in this direction… a very clever composition.

I’m amazed at the ‘rose’ thing, from the renders of just the rose it doesn’t look all that brilliant, but with all the glows added it looks so beautiful!

I like Rui’s idea of a nighttime scene, I think this could work very well.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment (if it will upload, lol)