Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Cláudio Jordão


Welcome back D.Sebastião!



I really like your work, your images are very good and the lights look great. I will give you an advice if it does not botter you: I like your inspiration, you know all this great idea about the poems, but this is a contest about an space opera. Do you really think that this image represents the objectives of this challenge?.. If you cold find a way to interconect your poetry with the concept of the contest you will get an extraodinary image.

Hope this helps.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.

Good luck.


Yeah! Thanks SnakeFarlow, you know, that is the very BIG question that is swirling in my mind since I got this idea of the poem… where is the space scene?


The problem is: Supposedly, my scene is taking place at a very special date, 21 of December 2012, which is the date of the return of D. Sebastião, so it says the prophecy.
Therefore, I can not have nothing too advanced in my scene, because, I think that we are not going to evolve very much in the 8 years that is left!

On the other hand, this might be also the solution, his return could be a kind of… vision of the future of mankind… or, the Fifth Empire, as is called on the poem.
And in this vision… well… I suppose that there could be a spaceship. Maybe one like in my first two posts in this thread… Hummmm!!!

Your post surely helped Snake Farlow!



A few steps back… to go forward!
This is the idea… forget the “twister”. Here is the “Rose” which is “Chryst” which is the “Fifth Empire” rising from the foggy morning, with a spaceship look… I think!


Hello guys, what do you think about this version?


I think this should be your final entry. I love this!


:slight_smile: ahahah… only if the title of the challenge was “Grand Open-Space”.
And what about this one?.. nothing to say?


Hmm the lates update is an interesting one… I do like it, but I personally think that the original ‘twister’ idea is much better, due to it’s amazing artistic feel.

I dunno - up to you though, just my $0.02


Hello stevetwist… I really appreciate your comments, but don’t you agree with SnakeFarlow?

“… this is a contest about an space opera. Do you really think that this image represents the objectives of this challenge?”


Whuaaa! I’m getting mad, yes I am… and I’m loving it… even if I might be the only one!!!


The Hidden One

What fertile symbol
Comes with the restless dawn?
On the Dead Cross of the World,
Life, which is the Rose.

What divine symbol
Brings the day already seen?
On the Cross, which is Destiny,
The Rose which is Christ.

What final symbol
Shows the sun already awakened?
On the dead and fatal Cross
The Rose of the Hidden One.


hey there,
i like ur surialistic approach… ur images and renders are just awesome… its also very soothing and got a calm and spiritual feel to it… keep up the good work man, best of luck


Refining the Rose…


Hi there Cláudio!

No, you’re not the only one… I really like the color, scale and depth of your images! Specially the “Rose Vessel” Design, truly misteryous and fit for a King that was all but forgotten…

Só uma perguntinha… o que é que aconteceu a Almada? :smiley:

Um abraço!


Your last concept looks great - but I have to agree with stevetwist. The first concept is stronger. As for being Space opera enough, I think it depends on how you see it. Isn’t earth a part of space? It sure is strong enough connection for me.
Keep doing this wonderful images - they look like nothing else! :thumbsup:


Thanks to you all guys, your comments are really making me think about the true meaning and the true message of my scene.

I don’t want to move away from what the poem is all about. So, and because of that, I’ve decided to add more “power” to the “Cross”, which also represents the “Rose” and at the same time the “Fifth Empire”.

I think that this “spiritual” idea can only be represented as if it was some kind of alucination… or vision! Therefore, it must be something that is really there… but is not!
Just as my idea of representing it :slight_smile:

Well, I hope you can help me to find a way to solve this mistery!

Rui-Padinha, I’m really glad you’re in this challenge. Thanks for your comment!
Almada!!! yeah!.. I could not find any references for me to model, or to texturize that side of the river “Tejo”. I still don’t know if it’s going to be so visible as it is now… because supposedly this all scene is taking place in a foggy morning, but, if you hnow where to find any material!

Gunilla, …“I think it depends on how you see it. Isn’t earth a part of space? It sure is strong enough connection for me.”… Eheheh, I like you!
Thanks for the support.


Dude you’ve changed my mind! The latest updates are rockin’! This ‘cross’ thing is in fact very very cool -and still has an artistic style - I like it very much!


Return to the Portrait view, fixing the dam camera :slight_smile: and studying some fxs.


Hi there. :applause:

I am very glad that my coment could help you that much. Both images are great, the first and the last one, the only diference is that the image that you are working now fits more with the subject of the contest.
I really did not imagine you could rise an image like this. it has speed, strenth, composition, color, and has differents elements that symbolize and represents a poem, so I have to congratulate your efforts. Keep going that way and trust in your fellings. Maybe you could take a look of my work and tell me some advices.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Stevetwist, thank’s! … “Dude you’ve changed my mind!”
Man, that must hurt… how is it now? :eek:
Don’t change it to much, cause I still want to see your final image for this challenge!

Thank you very much for your words SnakeFarlow… hope you like the suggestion I left in your thread!

And now… the daily submission…