Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Whoa nice crowd. Are you using alpha maps? The crowd on the ground looks very real, but the ones on sitting down look a little unrealistic. It probably doesn’t matter in the end though.



This was the first thread i read when i entered, and i gotta say, this is really excellent modelling all in all… the composition is good, the design is good too… simply put, kudos dude.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Cool stuff:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I like the orange color


hello! well, i had a good amount of free time this weekend, unfortunately, my poor laptop can´t help me too much from now… 800k polys and it almost crashes with this scene. poor machine hehehe, well thiis week i will finish the robot king, and i will start with the queen, so stay tuned for more updates! good luck! and thank you so much for your comments!

by the way, this is not going to be the lighting in the final scene, it will be a lot more darker, and i will put some light in special places… now i will torture my other machine hehehe
see ya!


Very nice work. I like your composition ideas as well as your modeling and sketching. Very nice indeed.


I really love your style. Almost Mayan…but still very technological. Keep it up!


You know we’ve got til January right? :wink:
Man, if it looks this good after only a couple of weeks, how good is it gonna be in a couple of months?! :wink:


hey!!! your work is great as usual! high detail modelling …nothing to crits. …


WHOA! You’re really fast in this! And it looks great too!:thumbsup::thumbsup:

(I know I’m abit late here…)

[color=White][size=2]You surely have a looooong time to push it even further!:bounce:


||) |V| |^| , Monsjit,terraarc, stork, sun: thank you so much for your comments! i really appreciate them!

Pyke, well that;s exactly the intention, something that looks old/new at the same time, i hope i can get that effect in the final image hehe

MickW: well, as i said, i don’t know how hard i will be able to work after mid-december, that’s why i am trying to go as fast as posible, but i think i will use a lot of time for the texturing and the lighting too, so i still have a lot of things to be really busy!

keetmun: yes, they are only planes with alpha maps, there are only 1 draing, 4 color variations and multiplied a lot of times, i guess i will do another set for the people sitting there, but it will be a little later…

well, i dont know if you have seen it, but there is a small guest in the scene, i wonder if you can find it, i was bored and i wanted to put something a little crazy around…

well good luck and write to you later!


increible! esta muy guapo! dime la ciudad se va a ver desde la sala del trono? en el centro?
incredible! it looks very nice ! tell me the city is goin to be seen in trough the window in the middle?


oye ca pos q tragas chintolo jaja, esta ultima imagen esta pa cagar de cabeza ajaja pinche clon y sus prolongadas e, jaja felicidades, algun dia posteare lo mio ajjaja


This is one of the best scene in this competition! Keep Going!


you’re sick! :bowdown:
im curious about the central hall. where in your comp is it going to be?

egad you’re sick sick sick!!!


Looking very nice! great designs. Keep it up!


I really enjoy the color scheme. This seemse to be a strange image from some futuristic aztec egyptian culture that never was.
Very high quality in the 3d models.

This is a solid work.


hello! well, this is the firsts steps on the modelling of the queen, i know that i am not good at all modelling organic stuff (not to mention heads…) but well, that´s what a challenge is about, to learn, so if you have sugestions they will be greatly appreciated! in the next update i think she will look more “human” and i will try to get better references for it… ahhh! it´s so difficult!


Jaba153, clon, Attila Deák, dahiya, m@. WazaR, everyboidy than you! hehe, i still have a long way but i must keep working… it is funny, i felt a little stressed yerteday, and to relax i went to a marilyn manson´s concert, i am nuts, and today i am a little tired, but tomorrow and in the rest of the week i will be working hard to get this thing done…

and the city and all that stuff is going to be in the black space at the center in the main hall, a lot of people have asked about the final composition, but i will place all the elements together qhen i finish modelling them (before texturing) and when i finish translating the history so you can understand wtf is going on in the image =)

good luck!!!


Nice start on the queen!:thumbsup: She is very sweet at the moment, I’d suggest bringing in a little the cheekbones and widening the jaw. The textures seem to start working! She surely looks alive! Adding some more depth would make the case! Just opinions here :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


hi !bernado ! it’s seem that your render use gi , it’s very nice man! or your boxx machine has more power?? :>
good work man ! keep going !