Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


El avance del personajes esta increible , vas muy avanzado , la atencion al detalle es perfecta .



Hey good model!

How about a closer look?

good luck at the challenge!


You have some great stuff there. I really love the architecuture.


hey, a lot of posts today, i am very happy that you like my stuff!

hhssuu , gpepper Kaksht, Jaba153 , erilaz, adr, garyhanna thank you all for you encouraging comments!

victor throe : you want to play with them, if i could i would like to do a model with one of those 3d printers hehe)

SUN: i am posting the wireframe, hope it helps

keetmun: well, that other machine (it´s name´s Waspie) is rendering things almost all the time… poor thing, so i cant use it too much…

Smooth-Criminal : hey, que bueno que te gusta, estare checando tu entrada al rato, a ver que onda como vas, gracias por los buenos deseos, y si, que bueno que no hay que pelearse con el ingles ahora…

Amida : ohh yes, the daily sketches, so muh fun! i learned a lot, i can have my concepts clearer since i started doing them, (is a good reomendation to anyone to enter there, good people and a lot of fun!)

Daniel Pittaluga: i think i will post a big render once the model is finished, i am having some issues with this model because i want to have a cape, and it doesn´t react the way i want to…
well, again, thank you all for your comments, more and more fuel to keep going!!


well here is the wireframe of the throne, i hope it helps =)


Great details on that throne and on the character. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for intricate details, especially when they’re rendered well. Keep up the good work.



Great stuff!! :thumbsup:
Can’t wait to see how this all turns out! I’m amazed at all the detail you’ve put into this, and I’m loving the concept and ideas you’re entertaining. Keep it up, and good luck!

Jimzip :smiley:


Wow, I’m amazed. You are very talented, creating all those models in such a short time. I really like the old-shaped architecture mixed with technological parts, it really gives the feeling the civilisation that has built it survives since the ancient times. I’m looking forward to see more of your work :).


i’m inspired as well… the models are intricate in a smple way… ahhhhh! FANTASTIC models! heheh… go on… checking on every update.:thumbsup:


SMOOOOTh! “amigo” bernardo so cute design i waitingo for more :bounce: “mucha suerte”


Nice for and great details man :applause:

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:

My CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera - 3D Thread


Here it is, it still needs some adjustments here and there, but well, i think it matches the decoration of the main hall hehe =)


vrf, cold fusion, chug,vittorius, i dont have the words (me and my bad english hehe) to thank you all, you keep me working!

jimzip, uwil: well, it´s intrincate, but most of the stuff are only duplicates, they add a lot and they are very fast to do hehehe

well, i was reading the post that all of you have made, and well, you are from everywhere! maybe the globalization has some good points, anyways its nice to know people from everywhere, again thank you!

hmm lately i have been a little bored of modelling, (and i still have to model the queen, that´s going to be a pain in the a**) but well, maybe i will start texturing somethings soon, probably the city in the bg, i already did some test in ps, and they look nice, i think that the true eye candy is still coming hehehe…

and well, i am doing all this stuff so fast! because i will go to some vacations in one month, so i think i will work a little in the challenge while i am there, but not at the same rate, so most of the image must be finished in 30 days, i guess i will finish and that´s fine, but for now, i still have like 3 million polys to create… hmm better stop writing =)
i hope you like my pet!


Your models for this are awesome. They are very intricate and detailed. The level of detail is astonishing, and the different parts looks very cool. One thing that seems weird to me is that it is hard for me to picture the outdoor landscape behind the interior part, not sure why, I just imagine it will look strange. Your modeling on each part is great … so far, my favorite parts are the interior column thing, the chair, and the robot king.


wow tu trabajo va quedando mu muy bien!!:bounce:
is a really great work man cant wait to see all the pieces together!..
keep rocking man…your doing it exelent!:arteest:


Oh my! Are you trying to kill me? That last post is just too good, tooo goood I say.!~

All your work has a Warhammer 40K feeling to it, which works to your benefit if you ask me.

Keep up the awsome work!


I am so screwed… :cry:


that is great… is it all one mesh? probably not … good stuff…


well, this is a test i did for the background, i dont think this will be the final version, but its a good pratice, i used a little afterburn and some photos for the sky, i learned how to render the fog separately, so i can adjust it later in PS, and i think that instead texturing everthing the “normal” way, i will use a camera map, so i can put more detail without having to mess with a thousand different jpgs… i still need some aircraft, and a few details here and there… for now i hope you like it, and please, tell me your suggestions!


Hai dude great work so far.And I bet u like the orange color a lot :thumbsup: .