Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Details Details Details FANTASTIC:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Amazing detail ! great work ! It will be a master piece !


me impresionan, este mirando su progreso. :applause:
pardon my spanish.



im only up to page 4 on your entry but those vehicles are wicked

surely there is more than one hour each…


that is a crazy amount of detail my man

it has a really nice miniature cardboard feel to it


:thumbsup: Great as USUAL!

Way to Go Bernardo!


Originally posted by 3db2

keetmun: hmm for now i dont have a single map hehe, everything you see are only polygons, that texturing will be really detailed, i am a little scared of that but well, i hope you like the future texturing =)

Ok now that’s just crazy. Honestly I think they already look fantastic without textures! I do have a question though, how do you work with that kind of poly count? Especially if you’re going to use GI?


hello! here i am again! hehe, i started this 3 hours ago, it has been a fun time, but i am a little tired, time to go to bed!


Clon: hehehe gracias por el comentario, para eso son los cuates haha, con que no te empiezen a felicitar a ti por mi trabajo, como me pasa que me felicitan por el tuyo, todo esta bien! haha

SUN, gpepper, uwil : thank you for your comments, they inspire me to keep going!

victor throe: well, cardboard look, i haven´t tought about that hehe, that´s cool, i hope it doesn´t look like that in the finishes image =), and yes the aircraft is made in one hour each, if you look at them, they are only boxes, with extrude, cut, extrude cut, move, etc, i dont take too much care in the details on them…

paconavarro: gracias por el comentario!, aqui en representacion de los compatriotas mexicanos! a patear algunos traseros gringos hahaha

keetmun: hmm, the poly count in the final image will be huuuge, i have tons and tons of details, but in the images i have now i render them on my laptop, p4 2.4 ghz, it takes like 25 mins to get the rendering of the main hall (posted yesterday) that model is about 500 k polys, and is GI, 1 bounce, and an area light at the top… i have no idea why it doesn´t take all the night to render… the final image will be rendered on my other machine, an amd Opteron 146, i hope i doesn´t crash!

a lot of talking today… good luck, and again thank you so much!!


I’m a newbie in the competition and was just browsing through the entries and i saw you stuff. Wow you’ll concept of doing a entire universe is cool and you might be working hard, so many models and they all look so great. Man I definately like to see more of you stuff.


Wow, everytime I see your work, it gives me a SMASH :argh: in the face ! Really good job !


Cool, as always, great modeling, your skils are just awesome :thumbsup: Really great work!


they are very tactile looking…i want to pick them up and play with them


FANTASTIC modeling:thumbsup: great details again:)
(Show us the wire frame)
You combine the HiEnd with Traditional veri nice i like that:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
i want a chair like this for my office:D
:twisted: MORE MORE MORE:twisted:


Originally posted by 3db2

the final image will be rendered on my other machine, an amd Opteron 146

You have another machine… :banghead:
But thanks for the info! Really grateful!



ESPECTACULAR!! exelente modelo, como todos los demas, no puedo aportar mucho mas a tu trabajo ya que como diriamos en Argentina ¡¡La tenes clara!! te deseo las mejores de las suertes!!:thumbsup: (por suerte esta vez no tengo que traducir!!)



Wow 3db2, ur doing great!! I was wondering if u would post another sketch in the daily sketch forum sometime, but now I know where u’ve been. It’s for a good casue tho, and now ive seen a lot of concepts in this thread :slight_smile: Keep it up.



sigues con lo bueno bernardo!! ese trono esta increible!!:thumbsup:


hello!, this character is almost done, at least! and well, i think i will post the ansewrs to all your awesome commments later in the night, and i will post the wireframe of the throne too… so for now good luck!!


Fantastic detail in the design 3db2! I’m in awe!:love: