Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Wow, kick ass model


well, thank you all for your comments, now i am modelling like crazy, i have such complex concept (coming soon), i wll model like 10 different aircrafts like the one in this render, it takes me like an hour and a half to model one, and i know it will be fun… right now i am painting the concept for the main scenery… so for now i hope you like this render:

well, i must keep working but i will wait for you comments ok?

good luck!!



wow very good work bernardo … nice detail and idea … like a lot the ambient … it realy catch you …

keep going paisano :bounce: … good luck


well, this is the main concept, i have all the placement of the characters, but i won´t put them there until i have the final design for them, i really hope you like it! =)


wow your 3d so far doesn’t disappoint!


hehe, thank you! just wait until i model some robots here and there, and you like feel even less disapointed hehehe!


I just wanted to say that the overall composition is intriguing and the colors give it a real otherworldy feel. I’ll have to check out your work as things progress.


very nice concepts. The modeled scene is very good and clean, kinda reminds me the aztec piramids.

Good Luck

Best Regards,


ahhh, crazy times! so many thigns to do, work, english classes, another job, the girlfriend, ahh!! i am going nuts! but well, later today i will post the head of the king of the machine kingdom… i hope you like the concepts =)

flash.luz: yes, i took some inspiracion from an ancient site in mexico, the name is Teotihuacan, with two really big pyramids, one for the sun and another for the moon, they are really fascinating cities, and they can look a little like out of this world =)

i hope i can get this kind of colors in the 3d version… hmm we will see…

good luck!!


ajaja mendigo clon van muy chidos te la jalas yo apenas termine el sketch hoy haha


These really are good designs, I like ur modeling as well. keep it up.


Llevas un buen adelanto en la cuidad , se esta viendo de lujo, aparte de eso vas muy adelantado que bueno . A ver si ya nos muestras tu naves no? hehe

El sketch me gusto , y la tonalidad de color que utilizaste se ve interesante .


Keep going mate:thumbsup:


muy bello, e interesante :slight_smile: :bounce:



:bounce: ey ey, que velocidad! el ultimo sketch coloreado tiene muy buena pinta! el modelado va muy bien también, acabas de empezar y ya está todo lleno de detalles… buena suerte con el challenge

(Por cierto, no estoy seguro de las reglas, pero no había que meter todas las imagenes a traves de cgnetworks?)


Nice design. I like the interpitation of Atec art.


Wow, great work and you’re moving so rapidely…stop!!! I need to catch up. Keep it up man.


well, this is the beggining of the characters on my scene, there will be 4 or 5 different ones, i will post the concepts later, but for now i hope you like this one… ahhh!! a lot of work to do, i am going nuts!!


Se esta viendo muy bien , ningun comentario adicional por el momento. saludos


Wow. I didn’t know why I have not seen your thread. I really like the design of the robot. Very unique indeed. There is some seams artefact at the jaw, is that intentional?



Very nicely done images. Your city and it’s viewpoint are very well done. If I may ask, what do you do your 3d modeling in? I am inspired!