Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Stunning work Bernardo, congratulations :applause: and :thumbsup:



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jddog . everybody thank you! i am so happy that you liked my entry, it`s one of the best reasons to work and to keep working, and as you might think, i am just waiting for the next challenge!!

for now i am just waiting for the voting, there are so many awesome images, i am must tell you something: for me is not importat to win, but to create art and being with great artists like all of you is just enough!

by the way, my now portfolio is almost finished, please go there and tell me if you find any bugs, right now i am working on a special section for this challenge with some images and stuff. so tell me what do you think!
best luck and again: Thank you =) see you in the next challenge!!



see ya man! next challenge ! :smiley:


Gran trabajo Bernardo. :eek:

Excelentes detalles, buena iluminación y atmosfera.

Para mi uno de los finalistas. Suerte!!!

Great work Bernardo.

Excellent details, good illumination and atmosphere.:applause:

For my one of the finalists.

Good Luck!:thumbsup:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
great job on the lightning and characters


Exquisite detail and great design work. Well Done!


What great detail, looks like alot of work :slight_smile: goodluck.


I am a little disappointed your image didn’t make it to the top 15. Your created a very nice image .


che clon no ganamos ni un tostilunch ajaja ps ya que! ahi pa la otra les damos una wamiza alcabo el prox challenge es en marzo :smiley:


Same here; thought your entry had a lot of character and emotion to it (I bet it placed pretty close to the 15, though). See you in the next Challenge. :slight_smile:



well thank you for your commments, and well, i also felt a little disapointed for the results, but the good thing is there are some realle awesome art there, so i think it is ok… and the most important thing is that i won more experience on doing a big job like that image, and now i have to get ready for the next challenge, i am really waiting for it!!!

well, good luck and again thank you for your support, see you all in the next challenge!



Goodness I really have no idea how you didn’t make it into the top 15 at the very least. I guess this just goes to show how incredibly sky-high the standard is down here, and I’m glad I took part. I really had a great time watching your thread. I came away with quite a bit of learning!

Cheers, and hopefully I’ll see you in the next challenge!
Keet Mun


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