Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Realmente impresionante, Te felicito.

Nada que criticar tecnicamente a tu escena y no se como andas de tiempo, pero permite sugererti lo siguiente:

En cuanto a la composicion final veo los siguientes fallos, tal cual esta representada tu escena, lo menos interesante son los personajes, lo que definitivamente capta la atencion del observador es la arquitectura, no se si esa es tu intención.

Despues esta el gran vacio interno que representas, no me termina de gustar, creo que hubiese quedado mucho mejor si logras representar la realeza o magnitud imperial.

De haberla concebido yo, hubiese en primer punto, colocar profundidad de campo en la camara para llevar al espectador al centro de atencion que pretendo, luego si la intencion es centralizar la reina, entonces coloco muchas cabecitas de personajes en primer plano, desenfocadas por la profundidad de campo, como si la vision estuviese por encima de la personas y finalmente todo lo que esta detras de la reina tambien tendria un ligero desenfoque de profundidad.

Tambien trataria de enfatizar la sensacion de realeza, colocando muchos personajes con estandartes parados en las plataformas circundantes.

Se que todo esto esto implica un gran trabajo extra, que por el tiempo que queda lo mas probable es que no logres terminarlo, pero es mi froma de sentir la escena y actualmente no me transmite mucho la sensacion original que plasmaste en tus conceptos.

Espero que me haya explicado suficientemente claro y que hayas captado mi punto de vista.

Saludos y un abrazo.


I still think that the peace symbol should give off a glow, helping to illuminate the main characters. Other then that, I think that the image is perfect!


oh, at least, this is the final image! i really would like to have more time and more resources to do a lot of changes, but every proyect must end someday, and this is the end of an awesome proyect, after three months, 7 gb of data, 2.6 millions polys, 48 hours in the final render i really learned a lot!, i think that it is my main prize, and i will create more and more in the future!
thank you everybody for your inspiration, encouragment, and support, you know, i really appreciate it, and without your critics and comments i think i never was going to finish this without all of you, thank you!!


congratz mate… beautifull detail!


Congratulations on finishing, Bernardo, and good luck. :thumbsup:




wonderful my friend, wonderful… you can relax now, have a beer and just wait:)


before anything, here i have a big render (hosted on my site)

personally i am happy with the results of this challenge, there are a lot of things that i dont like, but this is the best i can do for now hehe, i guess i still have to study more the composition on my future works, and for now take some vacations, i really need them =)

splineman:hmm vaya. realmente interesante lo que mencionas… solo una pregunta… ¿por que no me lo dijiste antes!!? hehe, no hay problema, pero realmente tienes la razon, lastima que el tiempo no me dio para hacer mas cosas, pero muchisimas gracias por tus comentarios, si me gano alguna buena pieza de hardware, seguro que trabajare un poco mas en esta imagen y hare muchas de las cosas que comentas. gracias!!

arturro: hmm well beers, hehe i had a lot yesterday, and right now i am having a killer hangover, but its ok, i will relax on the beach the next week, and forget for some time about anything related with computers!!

well, i have a lot to say, but the most important now, is to say: thank you!! and i will see you in the next challenges!
good luck!! and keep enjoying the fun of making art!



i really like Your big render! Lot of detalis & really excellent work :slight_smile: :buttrock:


congratutions Bernardo, every piece of art must come to an end. I can’t say I see anything wrong with your piece, it’s truely awesome and inspirational.

well done and good luck


Heh I used the large pic as my new desktop, I hope you dont mind! :thumbsup:

Your gona do well, I feel it in my bones!


Bernardo darte la enhorabuena q has hecho un pedazo trabajo impresionante y q espero ver mas trabajos tuyos por el foro de Cgtalk y en futuros concursos.:buttrock:

Un saludo y cuidate carnal


ese clon pos mi turno de felicitarte me gustó mucho el resultado final en especial como s eve la mona esa se ve chidisima, suerte ca! y a qesperar el prox concurso jaja:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I’m amazed at the amount of work and detail you have put in this pic. I’ve followed your proces from the very start and it was really awesome to see how you’ve put everything together. I love it!! :slight_smile:


Absolutely great final image :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The amount of details is impressive, good luck for the final :bounce:


Hello 3db2, your final is quite a hot staff mate! :thumbsup: I’d say is one of these images you HAVE to see in big dimensions so you can study each bit of it (haven’t yet been through the big render…:D)

Wishing the best on your entry! :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around CGTalk soon…


Nice and complex scene ! Great work on modelin and texture ! A cool work for sure !
Bravo !


A beautyfull and Fantastic job you did, love the mood of your epic piece! Best luck, mate!:thumbsup:


Bernardo, I had not said it to you before because only you showed scenes without many characters and I supposed that you had captured my idea when I made mention behind time in private conversation with you about the likeness with Star-wars movie.

also influenced a lot the little time in that you spend from the tests to the final image.

Don’t worry Bernardo, the final image is very well, is simply wonderful, my comments go oriented to give a bigger impact to your work and if you won the competition, you know to who to give your old computer.

Un abrazo hermano


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: A lot lot lot lot lot work :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Fantastic final image
Good luck:)