Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Wow!!! This is my first look at the 3D entries, and this is just unbelievable. I love the composition, the lighting, everything. Your post before this one had a little bounced light on the underside of the circular platform, which was nice. I’d like to see a little bit of that, but if not it’s still really great. Good job!!!


Im glad you changed the lighting a bit. I never noticed that design above the windows befor becouse it was all in the shadow! This picture just keeps getting better and better.

And your right, the throne is a little small. Another thing that you might want to consider is the color of the guy’s clothes. You have a lot of yellow, and the blue clashes with it a bit, maybe change the hue a little to make it blend in.

Are you planning to have an closeups? Right now the scene seems a little to set back, needs somthing in that emptie corner on the left side.


Hey Bernardo,

Great job with the room here, the exterior looks very natural too.The lighting is excellent,gives a nice feel to the image. With the last image to bottom/left of the Round platform, this area seems darker than in the previous image. If this could be illuminated a little more it may make it even better.
You are really doing an excellent job.:thumbsup:


orale si se ve mas mejor asi . Talves algunos colores un poco saturados. Pero si como la escena tiene muchos elementos y detalles por dokier creo q seria bueno poner monillos mas pa acá en primer plano o poner la reina parada por ahi por el circulillo y el mono arrodillado en el pasillo estrecho ese q esta mas cercas de la camara. Para dar una sensacion mas immersiva en ves de solo ver muchas cosas pekeñas en la imagen


Your work is truely superb… no, better than superb, it’s excellence…

Definately looking at a winner here. :slight_smile:


hi, awesome work you`we done !!!

it`s very colorful and well lit … but I agree, that you shoul let some light under ther circular platform

what renderer do you use ? standard scanline or mental ray ? (other?)


Hello!, well it``s almost done, just details here and there, i will render the high res today… it will be a loong way, but it`s almost done. let me know any details you see here ok?

good luck and thank you!


Impressive details and architecture and the figures are really wonderful !!!
:thumbsup: + :applause:



Hello! well some comments:
hectic: i am using Brazil to render this thing, as you can see, i changed a little the comp. i knew i needed to add more prescence to the main characters, and this was the simplest solution… so i think it looks better now…

ArtisticVisions: thank you for yous comments, and the support!

Bernardo D: bueno, eso de los colores saturados es parte de mi onda… aunque no qiuera siempre me salen asi los renders (diantres!) de todos modos, ya hay algo mas cerca de la camara y espero que ayude hehe

mmoir: hmm the lower left corner it`s too dark… but i think is not that bad… maybe later with more time i will refine the lighting more =)

Dark_Drako: hmm i think that if i make the character orange or yellow, it will be even harder to see… so i will let him be blue…

now i have to will make the big render of the bg, and i will correct it a little to match the foreground. and i will try to get the final rendering as fast as i can… i dont have too much time left!!

well everyone thank you! and
good luck!!


espectacular!!, me gusta mas esta nueva vista que elegiste, los colores estan bien para mi, y los has combinado muy bien, no te deseo suerte, porque esto no tiene nada que ver con la suerte, sino con la calidad y por lo visto, calidad es lo que sobra!!:bounce:




stunning work man! really great. Maybe only try to make a bigger contrast between the main characters and the background.


WOW! That is one amazing peice of work. Your lighting and architectural details are stuning. Good luck.


beautiful work man. Nice setting and atmosphere.:thumbsup:


Just that little change of the over coat thing really improved the guy. But the dark facial color kidn of makes him blend into the wall a little more, not as prominent a character.

One major problem I have with this picture is that you don’t really emphasis stuff. The characters blend into their surroundings lessening the impact the scene gives. For example, the characters in the middle, if I hadn’t been looking at your starting models, I wouldn’t know what was going on. I suggest making the object that their passing to one another have a glow. So that it become a focal point to the viewer.

Other then the lack of emphasis this piece is very well done. Hope to see you at the top of the running!


wow! really great but i think light needs little more tweaks… dont know what … but i feel like it … and but it is just me :))


Greatly performed mate! :thumbsup:

Can’t think of anything right now…but I think you’ll do some post work on your big image…

Good luck with grande rendering!! :bounce:


Very nice, It looks great :D. I don’t really like the sky at the planet tho, but np if I’m the only one. Can’t wait for the hi-res pic. It might change my opinion about the sky too :stuck_out_tongue:
GJ, looks very very detailed and beautiful.


Waouwww… incredible render and amazing details in your picture!!! :eek:

But i’m agree with arturro for contrast for separate more the different plan…:shrug:

anyway… it’s a very impressive picture!!!

Good work!!! :thumbsup:


Hello!, well this is finished, now i post it before the final one, because i would like to know if you have any comments, i think i will post a high res version on my website tonight, and make the final details.
well, good luck and thank you!


Looking real nice, Bernardo.
As far as C&C, I think the spaceship in the upper-left corner (through the window) doesn’t need to that blurry (even if it’s moving, I don’t think the DoF would be that much, especially when judged against other objects like the pyramid or the buildings). For some reason, even though they’re in roughly the center of the scene, the Queen and Machine King don’t have my interest for some reason. Maybe if you take a more “Rule of Thirds” approch with the image then they might catch the eye more? :slight_smile: