Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Well, this is going to be the placement of the bg… i think… but i am not so sure about the colors, too many of them. but with more experimenting i know that i will get the perfect harmony… (hmmm-- where is my color theory book???)

well good luck, and let me know if you like this or if you would change anything! =)


well, for sure the new composition looks better, but I agree about the colors. I would remove this gently freen from the inside part, and reduce the saturation of the outside part(especially of the very background).

But you’re on a good way, keep it up!


ese mendigo clon la neta te esta kedando chidisimo, la iluminacion de la parte de enfrente se me hace de poca mandarina lo unico que talvez se ve q no coincide es que la iluminacion del fondo , de los elementos del fondo se ve pues naranja, y la que entra por la ventana de aca enfrente se ve mas brilloza y amarilla. Pero en si esta excelente felicidades. Y claro Feliz año 2005!! q tengas muchos renders! jja


The background really clashes with the foreground, might want to make the picture less bright and try to add some of the golden brown hue to it as though you were seeing it throw the window, but the walls are reflected in the glass, mixing the two images.

Other then the beackground, I really like the green and goldish colors. I really see this piece going far in the judging!


well, i spent most of the day playing with colors, and this was one of my favourite schemes, it needs still some work, but this image will be completed soon… plz tell me if you prefer the last one or this one ok? thank you!!


hi bernado!how are you? the newest one is better , i think, but i notice that the column in the right hand side is finished? , because , compare it to the colorful background , it’ seem that the right column have no color , maybe it’s WIP ,
anyway , your work is heavy detail as usual ! keep goin man! good luck


I too like the new one better. Can’t wait to see all the elements put together…

P.S. I like that addition of spaceships!


Hi Bernardo!
Nice updates :thumbsup: Well imho, the 2 pic is better if You want a colder result, like more dramatic and stuff. And the 1 pic is bit warmer. Dunno, chose what You think is better and how You want the image to look like.


hello!, well the texturing is now at 85%, there are some little things to do in the main env, (the column at the right) i also adjusted the lighting, tomorrow, when i finish the texturing, i will make an image with the different layers i have used for the composition in ps, for now, i hope you like this, and i hope i can get the file of the priest with the flag, (i left in somewhere far far away!) if not i will have to make him again. i will anwre your posts later, now its time to sleep, but tell me what do you think ok?


Que buena imagen eh, los diseños igual estan muy buenos. Me gusto la luz q entra por las ventanas y como van quedando las texturas.
Haber q tal queda todo lo demas, por q todo se ve muy chingon.
Ninguna critica.

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


I agree with ered dium, the lights coming throught the window on the right side are awsome. I really like yellow hue rather then the green/blue, it gives it more of an elegant look.

The platforms are nicley, and so is the lower walls. I hope you start putting all the elements together soon, I can’t wait to see them!


I love it… everything fits here! What to say, just that I’m waiting for next steps:)


It’s coming along beautifully as always, my only suggestion would be adding some specular bloom to the windows on the right, to further emphasise sunlight and generally make it more beautiful.



hi Bernardo,
i’s coming along so beautiful! i like this. don’t forget…deadline is just a few days away. wish you luck!


Hello! thak you so much for your comments, they keep encouraging me to work harder! right now i have placed more models on the scene but i am having some problems with the scale of the characters, the throne etc etc-- if everything goes well, this will be finished really soon! (at least!), so wish me luck, and good luck to you too!



I not followed you thread for a while… your last update is absolutely awesome :eek:
This is the final camera position? We don`t see too much what happends behind the windows :curious:

I`ll looking for the final image, it will be certainly impressive :thumbsup:


I dont know what system render you use, but you could increase the first-bounce and secondary-bounce to give some refract effects in darkers corners, as the column and the roof… also you could made more shining the sky on the middle of the image, when you see the quantity of light coming from the right windows, you feel a more clear-shining sky.

Pero me gusta mucho el ambiente de este palacio, espero que me haya explicado bien, espero ver pronto toda la escena montada, con todos los personajes, no lo dejes para lo ultimo… que luego llegan las prisas :slight_smile: … te invito a una desperado :beer:


Pretty nice work here mate! :thumbsup:

Nothin to crit


i wish i was a vampire who could suck people’s skills…youd be my first victim…lol:twisted: :buttrock:


Hello! thank you for your comments! this has been really hard, but i got the rendering time at 900x600 in 4 hours, i need to add the main characters and do some textures for the bg, correct some problems in the main hall, and render the high quality image, and i am done! good, after this i will go to relaz to the beach! hehe…

i also notied that the throne is too small! i will make it bigger in the next render.
good luck!