Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Hello! here with some comments:

Kaksht: the lighting setup here is, a big area light outside (the orange one) and two spotlights behind the camera, and i am using photons, with final gathering for the gi… i rendered ths with brazil…

terrarc and arturro: well, i have been thinking about this three priest, they are not adding a lot to the image, and they are in the first plane, so they may distract your attencion from the queen and the king, so maybe i will move the camera a little bit further to the front, and that way it will be a little more space to show the exterior enviroment…, anyways, the image will be huge, so i guess it will show enough of the details in the final image…

maybe i will keep one or two priest somewhere in the scene. but well i will do that later… for now, good luck and thank you for your commments!



Yes! An update! Great stuff as always, but I really wonder how texturing is going to come along, just thinking about it makes me wanna piss my pants… Really exciting stuff you got here.

Cheers, and keep up the great work!
:thumbsup: :buttrock:


u truely have a gr8 talent for architecture… the details on the walls, pillars are awesome. The arches are just beautiful man!

keep it up


well, this has been a looong week, but i am back! and with more time and energy than before, so i started looking for the inpiration for the texturing, i dont know, i like this but there is something missing, i will try to do it better in the next variation, for now, i hope you like this one, and please, tell me what do you think ok?

good luck!!


:thumbsup: for the main hall. keep up and good luck.


Hi Bernardo!
Nice render man!
I like the yeallow color everywhere, gives a nice soft touch. Great logo and planet outside, thumbs up man and keep it up! :bounce:


Nice going mate! :thumbsup:I’m think on the color contrasts on your composition. If I remember well is forground = blue and background = yellow, orange…don’t know how they fit together…:smiley:

The last image alone stands very well :)…maybe a little more contrast to pop up the shapes around…:shrug:


ok, after hours and hours of torturing my poor 3 computers i got this lighting setup and base materials, please ignore the color of the throne, i guess its no going to stay like that, i trying to get closer to my first concept (at least in the colors) i know, i still have a looong way ahead, but i hope i can finish this on time (damn holiday season! i dont have any time!!)

good luck, and tell me if you like this!



Hey loco, eso esta de lujo enhorabuena

Sabes que quedaria mas de lujo? poner una luz volumetrica que cayera sobre el trono, eso le daria un excelente toque de un mundo polvoriento que cuadra muy bien con la iluminacion amarilla tipo desierto y ayudaria a integrar mejor el fondo que se tiende a ver un poco plano y como si fuera una pintura

Lo demas esta muy pero muy bien

Felicidades, despues me gustaria que en privado por el msn me platiques un poco del procedimiento, me interesa mucho saber como haz hecho la composicion.

saludos y sigues asi que ya te veo con otra boxx en el escritorio

Felices fiestas y un abrazo hermano


Se me olvido decirte otra cosa, quedaria muy bien si pones en la gradas donde esta el pueblo un efecto de particulas como si estuvieran tirando papeles y vitoreando algun evento, no se si me entiendes, vamos como un estadio de futbol en pleno gol

Muy particularmente pienso que eso ayudaria en ganar dinamismo para la escena, ya que estoy viendo que la escena en si tiende a ser muy estatica y si te fijas de los fotogramas de peliculas clasicas siempre, por minimo que sea hay algun personaje ejecutando una accion que le da ese toque dinamico.

Igual que cuando pongas los personajes principales te apetezca poner algun elemento dinamico, como algun robot pequeño volando o quizas un hijo de la reina corriendo por la plataforma y algun robot o sirviendo tratando de agarrarlo, todo esto con un pequeño blur o desenfoque de movimiento para dar el toque dinamico, pero ya sabes no te pases con el blur que si no queda como si andan a 100km/h

Todo esto es a mi juicio particular y si piensas que no te gusta pues con ignorarme tienes :thumbsup:



que onda, mcuhs gracias por tus comentarios, son realmente muy buenos!
si, pienso poner una luz volumetrica nada mas que probablemente estara sobre el robot y la reina, ademas de que habra algunos efectillos por aqui y por alla, para que se vea mas cool, ahora con lo que mencionas del dinamismo, es algo que me preocupa, hay muy buenas composiciones dinamicas aqui, y la mia es muuuy estatica, a la mejor para darle algo mas de vida, ponga algunas lamparas de fuego, y petalos de rosas o algo asi cayendo del techo, ademas de que hay aun una sorpresita por ahi, que de seguro le dara mas dramatismo a la imagen hhehe—

gracias, y cualquier cosa, contactame en el msn

–for the english readers: i am sorry to write in spanish!!! hehe


Hello! this is the latest image, i have changed a lot of things but i hope you like it!


ok, well, as you can see i changed the whole composition of the image, for me, the older style was more like a gothic painting, almost no perspective, and i was quite limited with the placing of the caracters… it was good, but it can be better all the time, so hmmm i still have 18 days to finish this, so i guess is long enough to re-place the buildings in the bg, and do some other stuff, i have advanced like 35% with the texturing, but i dont have my other machine working right now and unfortunately i cant render it with textures (damn slow computers!!)

so, tell me waht do you think, and good luck!!


Oh good god…It just gets better and better… Lighting’s looking really fantastic. I don’t you need a total overhaul of your bg, there must be some objects that could be used again, right?



ai cabron jaja esto no lo habia visto pinche clon te la prolongas, yo apenas voy poniendo renders ajaja apenas voy empezando pero hare lo posible por hacer competencia :twisted:


I prefer this new perspective… but your characters will be very little and we could not apreciate the beauty of their design… don´t know… :sad:

me gustan muchos tus personajes, es una pena que quizas no se puedan ver lo suficiente, pero a la vez me gusta esta nueva vista da mas sensacion de “templo”… bueno tu veras… :thumbsup:


Hello! well, thank you for your comments! well, for the bg (the city), i am going to use the same models, but rearanged, there are some of the with a lot of detail and its a shame that they are not so visible in the old composition… and the characters… well, in the high res, they will be like a render of 800x600 so i guess it is a good size, its hard to get a balance, because if i put them bigger, the scene can look too crowded.

anyways, i still have a long road ahead, but its getting funnier all the time!
good luck everybody!


hi Bernardo,

Very nice architecture! I love the ambient too. Keep Going! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :thumbsup:
Best of wishes mate!

I think your new perspective adds to the characters but takes away from the outdoor BG…can’t quite tell which one looks better…hmmmmm…:shrug:


OOOORALE! se ve mucho mejor … ! mucho ! y a ver como aprovechas todo lo que tenias de fondo por que tambien esta de pelos ! jeje y pues hechale ganas que queda pokito feliz año nuevo y a hacharle ganas ! suerte !