Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Great! How did you make this effect around their hands…? is just post work in photoshop? or you have some tricks:twisted:

I’m waiting for next updates:)


you have your own style!! i like sss effects on your charactor !good job!!


Kaksht: hey thank you for your comment! hmm i dont think i can change the position of the queen’s legs, because this is not rigged or anything, so changing it can be a dificult job hehe, but anyways, i will use the lighting as an element to add more drama to the image, (i hope it works!)

shotta : gracias! que bueno que te gusta! ahora viene lo bueno que es terminar el ambiente y texturizarlo… ahh que dolor de cuello, pero bueeeno, a trabajar!

arturro: the effect around the hands, well, it is some flames i rendered in 3d max, and some work in PS, i dont know if it will be like that in the final one, but it was an interesting experiment…

monsitj: i am still developing my style, so i feel good if you think that i have a particular one hehe

well, thank you! and stay tuned for the next update!!



You’re moving pretty well on texturing! :thumbsup:

I like the SSS alot too! I’m curious on the final scene coloring

Waiting for updates!


Hello there! well, i spent some time today in my office texturing thsi chracter, i actually like some of the materials in him more than the materials on the Queen/King, so i guess i will change it a little, and the base where he is standing is probably the look of some parts in the main enviroment. please, let me know if you like it, or if you might change something, because getting inspiration for the texturing is soooo hard! hehe
good luck!!


:bowdown: great!

only make his skin less yellowish…


man, i like clothes on that character, it look very convicing to me. also that radial symbol above flag is very nice. can’s say much about base because don’t know how it fits to scene, but overall very good progress.


Ooh…Now it’s all coming together now. Thanks for explaining the head thing, looking better and better everyday!



wow… your character is looking really cool!

personally I’d put his hair behind his back instead of hanging in the front…


This new guy looks really solid! :thumbsup:

Only thing that I see is that at some certain views the clothes resemble a wax translucent effect and saturation, not to pronounced though. I believe some more playing around with the texture will fix it.
Clothes are really hard to texture! :smiley: I have this problem myself for quite some days now!!

Waiting for more! :slight_smile:


nice work man i like very very much :thumbsup::beer:


Really a great work :applause:


hello! hmm i don’t know why i didn’t get the mail with the notice of new posts… hmm whatever, thank you so much for your comments!

arturro: the skin is yellowis because i have a yellow light in the right, hehe, i will adjust that in the final render, because i dont know the final lighting…

terraarc: hehe, the wax shader in brazil really works! hehe i know, i must play more with the saturation and the contrast, and well, since almost all this clothes are done with reactor form very simple geometry, i put the uwv coordinates before running the simulation, and that really saves me a lot of headaches hehe…

to all of you, thank you again, and i will post the updates in the main scenery soon!

good luck!!




Hello man, Time without speaking with you and without spending here and I find this great work, and allow me to tell you in Spanish so that you don’t forget your native language.

que gran sorpresa ver como has avanzado en tu trabajo:thumbsup:, de verdad no consigo palabras para expresar lo orgulloso que debes sentirte en este momento, de saber que has madurado un huevo en todos los aspectos y ver plasmado tu esfuerzo en tan magnifico y espectacular trabajo.

De verdad creo que el irte a vivir a Canada solo te ha traido beneficios y no me imagino como estaras dentro de un año. Felicidades Berna

Lastima que se te haya acabado la inspiracion para el texturizado, pero creo que debes tomarte unos dias para aclarar tu mente y veras como regresa la inspiracion, a jusgar por tus imagenes tienes un predominacion de tonos calidos, por loque la vestimentamentas de los personajes deberian mantener ese tono o uno que contraste directamente, a juicio particular no me convence esos tonos morados frios, quizas unos marrones oscuros o negros, es solo una opinion personal.

Bueno man, espero seguir viendo tus avances y que llegues mas lejos de lo que esperas.

Muy buena suerte y por si no te lo habia dicho IMPRESIONANTE:eek:

See you


Thanks for the reminder mate! :thumbsup: …I had completely forgotten reactor :surprised:curious:

I’ll surely give it a go!! :bounce:

Keep it strong!


Well, this is the latest rendering, as you can see, it looks more like a ad taken photo with flash… the lighting here is only the base for a lot of effects i want to get in the final rendering, but for now, here it is, the modelling of the scene is almost finished (some details here and there) but the good news is that i will have a good amount of time this next month, to get really crazy in the texturing, so i hope you like this and tell me if you like it or not!

good luck!


Hi Bernardo!

Well yeah, i like it alright :thumbsup:
Can you tell what kind of lighting setup did You used here?


Man great composition! :thumbsup: Can’t think of any crit apart from the fact that the window is little to small to show off all those amazing staff you’ve modelled outside…

Some news too!
Waiting for some textures!

PS:I did less than I expected on clothes with reactor and will model all those texture wrinkles…



amazing man! Only one thing i sbothering me. I’m not sure if the pose of the main characters would act good with those on that composition. I mean if you put your main characters with the pose from the page 16, these priests here shouldn’t do what they are doing now:) for me it doesn’t fit, but maybe it’s only my insane mentaly:twisted: