Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


Hey Bernardo, it is going fantastic. Keep it up, I know you will give us a great picture in the end :slight_smile:


Man!!! :eek:
Waouwww it’s working well here!! :bounce:
What a good modeling, and i like the concept with the main hall!!!
EXCELLENT!!! :thumbsup:

Keep going!!! :buttrock:

Very very nice work!! :wip:


Wow - both encouraging, and inspiring modeling! Great lookin city.



ohhhhh pretty.
I like it.
The model is so good you almost don’t need textures.


ahhh!! this head is a headache! hehe, but i am having fun with this! i just found a wireframe of a head from Stahlberg (i am not sure if that´s the spelling) and i think that if i dont get the right look tomorrow i will start another one from scratch, i like this one, but i don´t know what to do with the hair, probably i will do some basic geometry, and i will paint it in PS in post… i dont know… well, any suggestions are welcome!


KOryH: when you have a good model, sometimes you dont need too many textures, but this image will be in high… hmm really high resolution, and you will be able to see a lot of the details, so in the texturing stage i will go as crazy as with the modelling hehehe

SuperXCM, Amida,

monsitj: well actualy that boxx is still usy at work, i am doing almost everything on my good old laptop hehe, the good thing is that the rendering time is not so bad so i can still do it here…

terraarc, thank you for your suggestions, i did what you said and it worked a lot! so thank you!!

well this is it for today, good luck and stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!



Another contender for the throne. A pleasure to run into another
great entry. I like the basic color, the amber fog. Then the other
colors can play off that. Interesting to see if you complement with
blues or go analogous with earth tones entirely, seeing as you didn’t
even make your sky blue. I’ve been thinking of
trying a sepia tone or something of my entry, just to see the results.
A bunch of strong, wild colors are in mine at the moment, I have to
get on that. I need to do some color concept studies.
my 3d entry


Now it looks even better! :thumbsup: The only things that I don’t like very much are the hair-bands, I think they don’t give a “glory and glamour” feel to the queen. Other than that it’s working fine to me :slight_smile:

Happy modelling!


Looking amazing as always, Bernardo. In a way, I actually preferred the cloth on the Queen’s head (don’t know why, it just looks “right” somehow); also, the mouth looks a little long (or maybe wide would be a better term).


Lovely, nice and clean work Bernardo :thumbsup: … I like a lot your style and its also a very inspirating work … no crits … just keep us smiling …


well this is the update for today, i guess tomorrow i will re-model the face because i dont really like this one… let´s see what happens! hehe


Love the way you’ve created the characters. Its got a mix of old and modern feel about it. Looking this good already I bet it will be fantastic once you apply the textures!


What textures man…what textures… :scream: Love your work!



WOW!!.. that is soo amazing… aweosme job on the modeling man… i like the way u made the hair and i also liked ur attantion to details…keep rockin man!! :thumbsup:


Whoahohoah! Damn Bernardo, that queen looks really great, thumbsup for sure! The character looks really awesome, superb modeling!


Man, your scaring me with the amount of models and the rate you’re producing them. If you keep this up you’ll probably end up with the most models ever done in one challenge. They are all high quality stuff too. You scare me, good work though. I’ll check again soo to see more of your stuff :thumbsup:


VERY AMAZING WORK. That is simply amazing, all the detail and all those models, just how do you do it, I don’t understand. Great work. Do you create models professionally? Sure winner here, trust me.


hey bernardo felicidades chingones tus diseños y modelados


hello! here is the update for this weekend, i had to model the hands a couple of times until i felt they are ok, but everything else was quite straightforward… so i hope you like this update!

tell me any critiques and comments, they are always welcome!


sealthiel: hey muchas gracias por tu post, me da gusto que mas hispanoparlantes anden por aqui! a demostrar que es lo que podemos hacer!!

HieSpike: well, actually i am working on a very small studio doing from websites to special effects for short movies, so i some way yes, i do professinal modelling hehe

hhssuu: hmm hmm i think there are some people doing more models than me, but the thing is to keep them in high quiality and do as best as i can on each one =)

keetmun,ecura: textures?? i only have three materials on the queen hehe, everything os on the lighting, just wait a little bit unitl i start texturng everything hehe

well i just realized that the rest of the body i a little too big for the head… so i will change that later, i am modelling the legs, and i think that this queen will be finished very soon, after that i will start texturing, and i will model some props for the main scene… i stil have a lot of work to do, but i must hurry if i really want to spend a couple of weeks away form any kind of computer and technology in one month hehehe
ok just to let you know. nothing better than having a couple of beers, and some cigarrets to work and work… maybe that´s why i have this crazy stuff hehe, good luk to all of you, and thank you very much for your comments, they always inpire me to keep going as hard as i can!!

hmm this must be the 200th post… awesome i never tought i can get a thread like this… again, thak you so much!!