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Bernardo Arroyo Lindig has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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oh, at least, this is the final image! i really would like to have more time and more resources to do a lot of changes, but every proyect must end someday, and this is the end of an awesome proyect, after three months, 7 gb of data, 2.6 millions polys, 48 hours in the final render i really learned a lot!, i think that it is my main prize, and i will create more and more in the future!
thank you everybody for your inspiration, encouragment, and support, you know, i really appreciate it, and without your critics and comments i think i never was going to finish this without all of you, thank you!!



As most of you, i am really happy with this theme, a “Space Opera” it gives you so many possibilities!
Hmm well, i want to tell you that i am not only creating an image, i am not going for the “techincal marvel” only, i want something deep, and something that lets all of you thinking, and why not? Have some fun too.

I have been working almost without stop the last two days, drawing concepts, reading, writing, erasing and starting everything again…

I am not only creating a story, or an image, i am creating an entire universe! A universe that can be like a theatrical representation of another reality. And i hope you like it =)


I’m intrested, tell me more :thumbsup:


17000 years after like in the planet earth dissapeared, the human civilization was blooming, growing and being every year more and more perfect… the mankind had conquered half of the galaxy, new worlds opened themselves full of life and resources, intelligent life in other planets were erased well before they even know how to control the fire…

[font=Book Antiqua]Yes, the humanity was happy inside their part ofthe galaxy.


A long time ago, intelligent machines were everywhere reclaiming their spot in the universe, a big rebellion was begining, but fortunately, both, humans and machines realized that there were enough planets and resources to conquer in the galaxy for both civilizations…

The time is gone, and now, the future of the galaxy is in risk again… there is only one solution…

Ok, i am going to use the drawings as concepts for some key elements in the final image, (i have the concept of it, but it may end all the fun of reading the story) so, i think you will have to wait some time to see it. i have to do the concepts very kickly (that´s why they are so rough, but i hope they are understandable…)

Unfortunately, i dont have too much time, but i will give this challenge something between one or two hours daily… lets see what happen! hehe, and where this story will end…

By the way, i know i still have a “not so good” english, i will ask to some friends to translate it to a better english so you don´t have to guess what the hell i am talking about!


well, i am still working, i will explain soon what are those concepts, and i also will start working in the 3d part soon, maybe this concepts will be hard to model and texture, but it´s going to be a nice experience hehe…

as soon as i get to my good translator, i will put more of the history, and i will write more tomorrow, its a good way to use the time while you are on the bus…

hope you like this, any comments, sugerences etc etc will be greatly appreciated!


Good luck :thumbsup:

You’re right the possibility are endless, at least you have an idea to start work on.


The first two scene concepts look really great. Realy like the second one it’s like a hero sitting there holding some magical planet. Looks like some almighty ruler of the unniverse. I really like that one.

The character designs look assume. I really like the left one. Nice details on the septer too, very inspirational.


Nice concept design! just wondering… are you submitting your concept through the website or are you posting them through url?


Saludos Bernado , que bueno verte por aqui , los dibujos y la historia que empiezas a plantear se esta viendo muy interesante :bounce: . Estaremos de cerca siguiendo tu entrada.


Keep going is coming along really nice man :thumbsup:


ese clon pos ora si andas en tu area jaja hechele ganas a ver q pasa! suerte! :thumbsup:


hey, well, another crazy day today, hehe, i have been working more on concepts, today i will post the frontal piece of the throne of certain Queen in my story…

i have been doing more and more of the history, but i would like to know what do you think, should i keep writing it? or i better start modelling stuff? hmm dont mind the “deadline” i can model quite fast, and i feel confident that i will end everything on time, but i would like to know if you want to read it? or better, if you are really going to read it, (i cant tell you that its a good story hehe, maybe can inspire someone, hmm who knows…)

arlutik: yes, a lot of possibilities! everyone can do a thousand different thing with a theme like this one!

oshiroii: Hey, thank you for your comments, i will work really hard to have this models in 3d, the second one is the king of the machines, you will read more about him soon =)

ARSA: I am using my own hosting, later i will do a few composites to put the concepts together…

CLON y adr: pues si, este challenge parece que me lo hicieron a mi haha, asi que no me resisti y tuve que entrar, bueno cuento con su apoyo para los comentarios y si es que van a entrar, pues me dicen para que les ande dando un buen de vueltas ok?


wow great sketches! cant wait to see the transition to 3d.


Very nice sketching.
Interesting concepts – you’re very positive :slight_smile:
My stuff is all gloom and doom (lol)

Makes me think of one of my favourite illustrators: Moebius.
Have you seen his work?



I really dig your style man, I love it :love: Nice colering. I love the throne. Only thing I dont’t get are the wires at the head seat.


oshiroii: hehe, thank you for your comments! those wires are to connect the crown of the world of the machines to the main computer of the humans, it will transmit all the knowledge of both civilizations… (now that i think about it… they should know wireless connections… ooops!)

Carlos_2k4: yes, i always try to draw nice things, i can draw very sad, and even disgusting stuff, but that’s only when i am not ok with the world, now i am happy, now i draw nice things hehe, it’s all about expression!
well, if you can tell me if you want to read the story, it can be really cool!

good luck!


hi, well here is the fisrt of a looong series of renderings, this will be at the backgorund of my main composition, i have been working on more and more concepts, i will send them later, but for now, i would like to know what do you think about this one =)

good luck and i will write more later =)


a ca… :eek: yo apenas voy a acabar el sketch ajajaja maldito :thumbsup:


great stuff 3db2 … fast too … kinda going the extra mile with the universe and all … excellent … both 2d and 3d seem solid . …:thumbsup:


Hey great drawings man I like your style, and your concepts look cool too! :slight_smile:


woha didn’t see the rendering till after I posted, looking sharp there bro!