Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


Thank you my friends… I’m uploading some closeups:) Hope you like them as well…


closer look at my scene…


another one…


another one…


another one…


another one…


These are before small changes that I’m doing now sa there still is some time. As you can see there is some quick job done on the laser shots… but I wil learn how to make good one in the same amount of time:)


Maybe you have some suggestions…? There is still some time…?


Unique styling, and certainly all the chaos you could ever wish for! Good job here!

As for suggestions, it could do with some sort of depth-cue, like a slight distance haze or something, as well as a little more contrast (but the latter is easily fixed with some level adjustments on the flattened file in the end)


thanks, I will work on that a bit! hope to get something better:)


Challenge is over, but you still don`t have enough;-) Try the matte painting challange…


It’s not:) they postponed the deadline! 24 hours 21 minutes left:twisted: don’t you know that?


Hi Artur,

thats an incredible final:buttrock::buttrock::buttrock: chaotic how war look alike (i think!), awesome in execution and your post is amazing…

A big “wow” from me!!!

Wish u all the best for the voting. good luck, dude!:thumbsup:


Now that is what I call a helpful post. Thanks a lot for that my friend!

And those closeups are insane! you are a next nut in this challenge! I hope you will be noticed at the end, because you deserve it.


wow this is really a grand battle !!! :applause:

congrats… :thumbsup:



Is not there too much “light spots” over the scene? It distracts the attention.

By the way I loved your style of telling the “post production” and layers entry.


Thanks for all your replies! I worked hard and it’s nice to read that you like it.

kuzgunoglu: probably too many:) but sorry, I won’t change that as I like the more fantasy spirit they give:shrug: But thanks for the crit! These are always good, to make the next works better and more conciously done(here it was total freestyle).


hey man!! wonderfull!! this is a battle!! and a great work! and really interesting this view with the layers!! good luck!!:applause:



Hey Artur,
Thanks for posting your info on how you did your layers. Don’t laugh but my image was a straight render , so 1 layer, then postwork. For the next challenge I have to learn to work in layers , I think it will help to control the lighting of the image better.
Anyways great job on your image and see ya at the next challenge.


Great picture, it is a really epic war !
Good work and compositing make it a chaotic battle !:thumbsup: