Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


sorry for not posting ealier was busy…:)! wow Artur u did it too! this is some huge scale work.a grand scene! congrats…and good luck !


Ok, I made some more tests withe fog, but decided to finish with this one. It’s my final decision.

here’s the story behind it:

In the 21st century humans began a space exploration on a big scale. For centuries people explored many galaxies, discovered planets with simple life forms. But they never came across some traces of intelligence or consciousness. Humans on earth were bored and discouraged. They didn’t want to pay for this any more. They have divided into two groups: supporters and opponents of further exploration. The first group was a big minority, and they were forced to leave earth. They settled on the farthest discovered planet with good life conditions – Varta. They called themselves Vartans, and the same name was given to them on earth. Vartans explored the space, and continued discoveries. At the beginning contacts between Earthlings and Vartans were very dry and limited. After discovering in year 2993 Nova103, a planet where life was just starting to deveolop, Vartans stopped further exploration. Contacts with earth started to be very good and regular, they based on trade of resourses and tourism. On the September 24th 3096 Vartans received a strange message from the Nova103

still no intelligence

the evolution is unnaturally fast


absorbed our technology


our technology


is alive


we don’t…how that could happened

no intelligent life

Nova103 is lost

defend Varta


no time to run

don’t help us

to big risk

they won’t find earth

will destroy the data

will fight

will survive


Thanks again for your support!


Thanks a lot for the title inspiration… I think it fits very well here.


one more time GREAT ! :slight_smile:


So one more time big thanks! And now let’s have a beer and wait calmly this 16 minutes:twisted:


arturro thanks for you support, betewn of my process when entering this a competition


Great image, Arturro. Your compositing upload was amazing. (I really need to get up to speed on that stuff). And it’s nice to see i’m not the only one that uploads final final final images. :smiley:


O:eek: M:eek: G:eek: !!! Artur… no words… just: :eek: Really GOOD JOB ! INSANE! … That’s all I can say…


it`s over!!. Beer for everybody. And two for me please:bounce:


Your entry is totally insane. The chaos is fitting for the amount of blood sweat and tears you obviously put into this thing. Awesome man.

More glow!


I love your compositing breakdown too. Very cool.


Well Artutr looks like we got a futher day for tweekin our scenes…I love your entry my friend…by far the grandest of them all…so what ever you decide to do I have faith will be great… :thumbsup:


Thanks friends for kind words. As we have over a one day more I will do some more tests with the fog, saturation, laser glows… no more renders:) but it’s likely possible that I won’t change my final image. We will see:)


cool final image arturro!!! you finished, i´m concider you a winner man!!
best luck friend!!!


:thumbsup: HELLO my friend Great Work:thumbsup:

and amazing compositing image


Hey mate!! Awesome pic and compos. Glad u made it in time. Yep we are those crazy guys who upload just hours before the deadline! Hope to see you in the next challenge! Cheers! :thumbsup:


Your scene is epic arturro !
Gongrats for finishing such a good piece of work ! :thumbsup:

Cya for the next challenge !


In first, you have win your challenge Artur… now, you have a masterpiece… then… good luck for vote :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow ! :eek: THIS IS a Grand Space Opera !


Arturro my friend, you’ve done greeeeaaat job! :thumbsup:

The final is really epic and I think it looses seriously on a low resolution…I’d take a closer look to some big dimension final and find out all those little battle that are making up these great war! :slight_smile:

It was a real pleasure knowing and chatting with you those 3 months, the amount of work, devotion and enthusiasm you had through the process really helped me out mate!:thumbsup:

Best of wishes for such a GSO final mate! :slight_smile:

Hope I’ll see you soon around CGTalk soon…