Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


Thanks for your support… I did a last test, just mixed both versions:) stay tuned…


Good Luck :thumbsup:


Here is the third and for sure last update. I think I will submit this one as my final, final, final one:) but I would like to know your opinion which one of the 3 pictires is best…?


Congratulations Arturro for your final image!

p.s. I would say I prefer the first one. It seems more vivid to me, and I am not able to see so many differences between the second and he third, maybe because I’m tired.



That´s what i call WAR! :bounce:

Great Pic man! I love it realy realy realy !

100% Vote by me :wink:

Good luck! …and that´s 4 sure… the next challange awaits us :wink:
See U


Well done Arthurro, The chaos there is outstanding!!:thumbsup:

I`m suprised, becouse the image looks very good, you have covered well the mistakes in fire and smoke, and fog. Only the perspective or the camera setup is a bit strange, and tere is maybe too much dirt on the armor of the soldiers.
But finaly, have some rest, like i have, and beer of course;-)




Very good arturro! That’s one hell of a battle you got there.:beer:


Niiiiice :thumbsup:

This is a verry good version :slight_smile:

I whish you the best luck for the final :bounce:


Hi Arturro!
The last one is OK!
I think that Your compo needs a bit more contrast-but i know that The FineTuning can be really hard:). While assembling my work i found that all details separately look really nice but fitting all the stuff to the same scene can be really difficult…
U did it really well
:applause: :applause:


Thanks my friends!! What a nice feeling ehwn you calmy drink a beer and your computer is sometomes off:) I will prepare some layers sets to show how I did it, and show it later today.


Hey Artur, that final image is really impressive! I’m glad you got something finished without needing to rush, it is obvious that you have spent a lot of time and effort getting this right and wish you good luck in the judging! Cheers :beer:


sorry! double post issue, everyone is looking at your thread and the whole thing has gone ape. But saying it’s good is worth saying twice I suppose!


lot of chaos…i like that…goodluck:)


• I just Amaze myself with all the greatness of detail and amount of great work you have done Artur, I am very happy to have found you here in this challenge and hope we can meet again in the CG World, Keep rocking man, I wish u the best in the voting part, but I am sure we have all allready won something more important than the price of this challenge…Friendship :thumbsup: :beer:


well done dude, you made it

the final scene is insane… it looks like something that would take 200 ppl at ILM to create, but u did all on your own…

congratulations dude… well earned!


This is a very impressive, I hope all of your hard work and dedication pays off, which I’m sure it will. See ya next time



M477: thanks mate! I’m happy that you like it:)

jdsb: yes… chaos:twisted: that is what battles like:buttrock:

Climax: thank you my friend! For sure we have won much more! I have learned here more than during all my previous cg things. And Got into a great community(it were my first posts on cgtalk):beer: And yes, we will meet, not once I suppose:) Maybe we’ll be doing together some cg fx to some movies… spider man 15 or something:twisted:

Versiden: thanks for kind compliments, I also wonder how I did it… and the bigger question is why they didn’t get out me from my university, as my activity there was nearly null:)

enochian: It has payed off my friend. No prize can be better than new experience, new skills and new friends!



This I would call “Chaos Of Annihilation”:twisted: great work my friend… really great!


Ok, here is my work breaked inpo parts:

  1. starfield with planets, sublayers:
    • stars
    • space dust color 1
    • space dust color 2
    • planet 1
    • planet 2
  2. clouds with atmoshpere, sublayers:
    • painted clouds 1
    • painted clouds 2
    • atmosphere
  3. terain, city, fire lights, a few ships: one rendering
  4. Particles: fire and smoke. Only 3 rendered effects, later processed in photoshop ot make different effects.
  5. Fog and glows1 and background battle, sublayers:
    • render of the background lowpoly air battle
    • distance fog(used rendered z-depth)
    • blue engine glows to the ships from the previous render
    • yellow engine glows for the ships from the previous render
  6. Far middleground landing operation - two renders(combat probes with ships on the ground + ships in the air)
  7. Blue engine glows for the units from the previous render.
  8. Middleground rendering - one render with lights for the fire and engines.
  9. Rendered particle fire and smoke processed in photoshop.
  10. Fog and glows, sublayers:
  • middleground distance fog(from z-depth)
  • blue engine glows for the ships in the previous render
  • blue glows for the ships on the next render
  • yellow glows for the ships on the previous render.
  1. Air units:
  • one render of air battle.
  • one render of the two taking off dropships.
  1. Foreground render with lights.
  2. Painted dust.
  3. Additional lighting and glows, sublayers:
  • copies of the previous render with different saturations/hues/high brightness, and used mask to unhide certain elements which I wounted to “lighten” more
  • ble engine glows for the air battle
  • dust from the close 2 engines
  • blur from the close 2 engines
  • blur from the engines of the dropships
  1. Last touch:) sublayers:
  • red laser shots
  • green laser shots
  • air battle trails.

that’s more or less it. In case of any questions feel free to fire them:) real making of later…