Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


There is obviously alot of work that went into this.Lots of models and large battlefield.The models are done well,and the textures are ok.But my god man it’s much,much too crowded.It’s all melted into each other,it’s all off balance,way to chaotic,way overboard in crowded space.I wont go further,you do deserve credit for a large amount of work,and for that I say well done.:slight_smile:


• Jesus Artur! I congratulate your hard work, from concept to final image!
• To be true, I feel It is really too crowdy, there is too much happening in the image, I know it would be a shame not to show all the great models and textures you’ve done, but sometimes less is more


Whoa, lots going on there. If you could make it just a little less busy that would be great. You did kind of capture the chaos of a war. Congrats on finishing. How long did it take on rendering such a massive scene? Good luck on the voting.


Hey Arturro,

The image is looking good,maybe a little too busy. Good luck with this. I am looking forward to the next contest too.


good work. maybe you can put more contrast between lights and shadows in the first plan.good luck.


Very nice work Artur. That is some sweet scene you got there. Very nice work! You have done an excellent job during the entire contest and done some amazing stuff throught. Good job man keep up the excellent work. I hope to see more of your work in the future! Keep on :buttrock:


Nice work Arturro… That’s insane!


Wow this is what I`m calling a complex scene :eek:

Great final arturro :thumbsup:


Has a bit of a “Total Annihilation” feel to it. The fog added that extra something, now it looks a lot better


Incredible picture mate… we need lot of time to see all details… :thumbsup:


thanks guys for your comments! I will prepare some layer sets as well as some technical detalis i nthe evening (where I can find out what is the poly count…? I’m really quite new to cg).

And thanks for your advice. I will try to use them. Maybe increasing the density of the distance fog a bit and contrast on the front shadows I will make it better… stay tuned for that update.


Damn Artur! Now thats one hell of an image, it ROCKS!!! :scream: :applause: :buttrock: Just stunning! First place for You! :slight_smile:


Very good picture, hope you win something! Now to upload the ftp zip,
I’m still getting “There was an error loading your file. Please try uploading
again”. I hope it is just their ftp server is busy. I think there is a way to see
if it is up, do you know how? Anyway, great image!
:thumbsup: :applause:
my gso entry


Ok, I have made small changes… stay tuned, I will upload it in a moment.

userBrian: I will upload my final tiff in a moment, now I don’t know yet how it works:)


Ok, here is my final one…
title “The End” is I think justifued:)
I won’t have any opportunity to change anything(unless they will gibe a week more)…
I can only back to the previous final fersion? what do you think?

technicalities in the evening…

thanks again for yor great support mates!:beer:


Wow, Artur! That is some grand final! Love the color set - really good work. Congrats and good luck!


hey - it’s hard to choose between the two final versions, i switched a few times between them to get the feeling for each one. i think i like your first version more, perhaps just because i don’t like the high saturation on the last one. but that’s just personal preference…

hope you’re satisfied with your image, that’s the most important thing. i like it, even if it’s hard for the eye to rest a little bit, so that the fantasy of the viewer can do the rest…

whish you a lot of votes, man.


Hi Arturro!

Congratulations on completing the competition! That’s a superb final image, great work! :slight_smile:


symply incredible!.. you did a great job arturro…:thumbsup:


I like the saturated version. Guess I"m a sucker for warm colors. Great final, glad you made it in time :thumbsup: