Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


:beer: Last call for alcohol!


Sorry guys for delays, but this post work is harder than I thought… try to add engine glows and laser shopts to about 300 units which are seen on the picture:) It will b eprobably to busy, but it’s too late for big changes, so I’m doing my best to make something nice. Today is a big day, so stay tuned for the big impact from me within I hope 10 hours…


I wait with baited breath! :slight_smile:


• Less than 24 hours now! :bounce: …but I trust you, I know our wait is for a good reason! :thumbsup:
Go On Artur Malczyk, Go, GO :beer:

I see your green online light beneath your avatar, but you are not present in your thread, so I am happyu you are working until the end :slight_smile:


thanks mates:) I’m trying and it will be funny picture. After adding first glow to all the engines, nothing was seen except of the engine glows:) but fixed that… Now I’m compositing my smoke/fire renders into the scene, after that laser shots here and there… and I will show what I have to get your advice how to make it less busy and how to move focus on to the rengers… so stay tuned:)


well… hope ur machine will manage to render all !:slight_smile:
common finish! :smiley:


:buttrock: all my support for your final run (render) arturro :bounce:



I imagine how you work hard actually… keep it up my friend :thumbsup:


Ohh yeah, man with all that you’re saying this is going to be a masterpiece, sure it will! :thumbsup: Oh btw: “Good advice, now I don´t eat my fingernails anymore” :scream: … I eat my toenails :argh: :surprised


thanks guys for your spport… soon, soon I iwll finish this… I’m fighting with it all the time… my .psd file takes nearly 2GB of memory… If I didn’t have this new machine I would be lost with my ambitions:) please be patient, and sorry for keeping you waiting so long.


Good luck and patience with the. psd file!
(big nice cup of coffe , tooo!!)


Keep it up Arturro, We’re all waiting for the final. Good luck on the composition.

May your cofee be hot and your CPU Cool :thumbsup:



yes, I’m very close:twisted: everything is done except of the laser shots:) just a few here, a few there and done! So if you’re not tired too much stay tuned… I think that about an hour is enough… hopefully:scream:

thanks for your support:buttrock:

ps. a few beers are being chilled, and when I finish, just before going to sleep I must have two at least… and if laser shots will be nice, than maybe even more. Some friends who support me here are ready to join:twisted: :applause:


All the best for the final image mate, I look forward to seeing it tomorrow.

The composition is looking very epic, looking forward to seeing the effects and compositing.

Good Luck!


Hi Arturro,

Can’t wait to see the final…can you show also, when you are finished, a few shots of your layers/compositing work? but only if you have time…I’m interested in this subject.

Anyway, thank you for your past advice on my thread, good luck!




Sure I will show the layers, but not today, no more power:) I have finished first and probably final verion of my picture and don’t want to see photoshop in nearest hours:)

Stay tuned, I’m uploading my final test…


Ok… here it is… I hope you like it a little.
Shot me with your opinions. I can only play with density of the fog to make it less busy by covering the background more… do you think it would be better? And may do small post changes… max won’t be used any more here:)

If someone feels dissapointed, I’m sorry. I did my best:) Just have to small experience. But with the next challenge I’ll be better.

I would like to thank all of you for great support! My entry was my first post on cgtalk, and must say that you/we have a great community here:)

Tomorrow I will play more with your sugestions and upload the final final final image:)

and now… beer and music and sleeping:)


i’ll take one for you Arturro… (beers…:))
you did a very great job…
and if you want only one critic about your final image , so , it’s very personal opinion,
the luminosity is too clear , i think it will be better whith half lightning?..
so anyway , congralutions , and i’m not sure , i can’t critic any images , my level is not the same of many on this challenge…:shrug:
good luck for the next part…:applause:


thanks gulliver3, good to hear crits, because when you watch one image for so many days… and in the last 48 hours you see it during 36m you don’t see certain things:) so feel free to fire more crits!


Holy ShIT !..that is crazy dude…you weren’t kidding about 2 gigs…man have that beer …I’m just cracking an Arogant Bastard IPA myself (killer beer if you can find it :twisted: )…so will drink this one for you my frined…and the conpleation of a true powerful epic piece …the true space opera…damn…that really looks cool :thumbsup: