Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


hmmm… I’ve just see the latest test you done… whaouww… that’s really good now… good luck for the next step… you have done a fantastic work :thumbsup: Final Image now… :smiley:


updates, updates, we want updates:bounce: hurry up mate!


• Artur, You have done an amazing work so far, but to be honest with you, I think The composition is getting too complicated, Too many sepated objects, It is a war, i Know, but you have to look for the right way to bring Harmony inside the chaos, I don’t know if you get my point, It has nothing to do with your outstanding amount of work neither your excelent modeling and texturing, but if you have to sacrify some details to get where u want to go, you’ll have to

• Your friend :beer:


I like the last post best. Looks very good, nice depth and the feeling
of the action coming at you is cool, like you are there and hope the line holds!

my 3d gso


Lemog: thanks my friend, I’m working now on the final one, no more tome for tests:shrug:

graga: I’m doing my best, no updates because I’m rendering everything now, and will start post works on the final image, unfortunately no time for tests.

Climax: Thanks mate, I wanted to have a bit busy scene, but I get you and will have this in mind. I don’t want the viewer to get lost in this picture:) I plan to cover some units with “fog of war”.

userBriain: I’m happy that you fell the action there, and it’s just a beginning:twisted:

Today I plan to finish all the renderings and to start working on the final image. As there is not much time I’m rendering final versions, and will do some corections in post with your help:)


Hi Artur!

just dropped in… i see now that u have started ur final compo.wish u good luck my friend.this is going to be really good. so we will see the final next… thats great!btw i have explained how i did the rocks in my thread!

all the best !


Those rendering times are killing me:) too many layers with too many high poly objects. The biggest one is on the finish now, and there is one a bit smaller to go. Tomorrow there will be a day of postproduction and hopefully big ubdates.


Can’t wait for thous updates. I feel you on the render time and my scene not even as complex as yours. Hope everything renders out good for you.



• 71 hours left Artur! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Yap, the time is running out, I know. I have one render failed… When I was rendering my rangers in low res(800x585) it looked perfect, but when with the same settings I fired 3636x2657 some strange artifacts appeared. Blask totaly pixels, a few black areas(not big)… any ideas? I use mental ray 3.3 form max 7


OMG man! Maybe your machine is begging for rest! My machine wouldn’t be able to render at that res, it would maybe start to throw smoke out of it :scream: !


I know what you mean about the demands of this heavy render…there are many computers doing one of these inthis hour :cry: …and many artists like us doing this… :banghead: …

…3 days you will fingure it out… :thumbsup:


Problem of the artifacts solved. The reason was strange. I changed made a textures output correction in max to quickly increase the contrast of them. The default curve is a line from (0,0) to (1,1) I changed it so that it beginned with negative values. I don’t know why it was causing the problems only in high res. I changed the values back to (0,0) added some break points to the curve and move them closer to (0,0). In a result the contrast was corrected in the same way and artifacts are gone:) All main renders done! now only the explosions.


Oh I’m glad Artur! Now I’m eating my fingernails… :surprised


im waiting for your final image friend…:bounce::bounce:


GaNNEl: well, I advice to stop it, girls don’t like it:)

rattlesnake: Yeah, me too:shrug: but have to wait untill tomorrow.

All renders done, now lets fire photoshop:twisted: It will take some time to make it as there are about 15 leyers:) I will prepare some funny layer shot for you:)


I like the addition of the blue light in there. I think it works well I would say more little blue lights with a short fall off range around each of your guys to go with the glow on their suits! Just a suggestion, would give the image more dynamics on why the lights are different colors on the ground. Good job otherwise, keep it up Artur!


yes, I added some of that to my scenes. And will emphasize that in post.

Now lets the mortal combat begin…I begin a 15 hours fight with my renders to make something that would satisfy my imagination:) Let’s rock:buttrock:


GO GO Arturro!!! Always wanted to say that. Sorry i havent been more active in this thread. I hope the best for you and your renders.


hey man!! i like the last image, good change, you are very close now, keep going!! i want to see the update!!:bounce: