Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


Hey Artur,
Yes ,I think the lighting for the mid-ground is much better in the last one too. Keep up the good work.


Artur…Your real close now.A whole lot of work to manipulate within a scene,not an easy task,but you are fighting the good fight…In my opinion I like the latest set up amnd look the best…I think perhaps you could shift the light to the side more,and perhaps a little more depth to the shadows…Good luck,looking well,and thats quite some scene you have.So much work and effort.You have some great work ethic,and that alone will pay off for you big time in the long run…Good luck in your last streatch to the finishline.See you next update…:arteest: :arteest:



This is really looking very good, couple of suggestions thou.

[color=white]There is no main focus for the composition all thou this may change when you add the explosions. And you have very well molded vehicles that I think you should bring a few of them more into the foreground of the scene.[/color]



The last coloring test works better for sure…:slight_smile:

No crit mate…keep them coming…

I only second enochian’s suggestion on bringing to front some vehicles…Don’t quite remember the model details of the drop ship…but I think it’ll be a nice drama addition if one was flying towards the remaining heroes…“No escape”…“Noone to call for backup”… :bounce::bounce:

While even a hero is still alive…KEEP THEM COMIN’…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


nice arturro ! i like the second one better too:)! …cant find anything to crit. since everything is already being said! all i have to say is go go! :bounce:


Thanks guys for your constant interest and your input here. I’m checking each suggestion. I tried to put the dropship in the foreground(on the ground, behind the Vartans’ vehicle) but it is too big. I’m thinking about putting it above the main action, as it has just took off? but I’m afraid it would take too much focus… But I will try this. My new computer rocks! The final terrain/city render took on my old computer 10hours and then crushed with 70% done. And the new dude counted it in 3 hours 14 minutes:twisted:


Hi artur

Fine update. And yes, works better, even though I feel you´ve just moved the problem backward. Meaning, before the problem was between foreground and middle ground, now I have problems between middleground and background. It´s actually like foreground and middleground is a dusk/dawn shot, and background is daylight shot. I know, that the red light is from explosions etc. but they are too red imo. I would make it more yellow and less saturated, but that has already been mentioned, so maybe you have just desided to leave it at that.

Also maybe work a little on the starfield, no real suggestions there, but seems it could work better somehow.
Overall nice work, but still problems, I think

See u


HI there Kragh, I’m doing now final renders on one computer and next stuff on the other:) I will make final compositions soon. I think that more yellow in the explosions’ light is a good idea. And will chage that. The background will be lighten in the same way as the middle and foreground. So hopefuly everything will fit each other. We will see:) thanks for your comment.


Yap, great piece of work. But the amount of it is a bit too big, with hard and strong lighting you can make it too busy. Be careful about it. I also think that the last update goes in the better direction, but as I said, try not to overdo this image. Abd good to see you back in action my friend:)


wooow dude,!! this is aweomse, never thought it ud turn out to be this cool!.. very grand job there…this is what the GSO is all abt!!.. keep up the god works mate… hope u do good in the challange… best of luck and i cant wait ot c the final scene… :thumbsup:


yes yes yes artur that’s the stuff! It’s like a professionally-done version of mine! You have put loads of effort into this and think you should get some recognition for it. :deal:

As for the lighting, the second is much better as the scene becomes ‘joined’ more.

But generally… big pat on back :applause:


graga: thanks mate, I’ll have that in mind…

overcontrast & M477: I’m happy that you like it. I hope to make it much more grand:) and hope not to make it too grand:):slight_smile:
some updates in progress…


u are so close my friend… one two steps and u are there ! :))
great work


I wish I were so close my friend:) But still much to be done… Now air battle in progress:twisted: And some tests with explosions, but unsuccessfull yet.


WOW! Man! That lighting is a lot better than the last one! Final compositions are now getting so exiting! :thumbsup: Keep going for your price! :scream:


2nd composition is definitely better, its more seamless transition from fore to back.


Hi arturro,

remeber what I said earlier in your thread about claustrophobia when someone survies this battlefield :twisted: No, really your image looks real nice now and I must admit that it is well balanced. I cant wait to see the airbattle in action. The whole idea of your image lives from this crowded area. It seems as if the whole city is here for a party :eek: Just one thing... think about getting a even smoother transition into the coloring from foreground to background. I think it could give your image a better overall impression. Besides... its on the winning path :thumbsup:


GaNNEl: thanks, I hope to finish with something good:)

tzktime: good to hear this, the similar lighting is being created now to the city.

theuni: thank you mate, I now that in most cases less is better then more, but I don’t care:) I want to make more:twisted:


Just here again Artur as moral support…Go hard and well.Your efforts are paying off well,and I wish you the best in your final stages…:arteest: :arteest:


Thanks Virtuoso. I like your kicks to work more;) I hope to show something soon… Everything is rendering now, and then a lot of post as I have many layers in my work.