Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


hi Artur,
very nice update. good luck. and i’ll be waiting for the final image. keep on. time’s ticking!


you’re on the good way…
GO GO GO Arturro…:bounce::bounce::bounce::buttrock:


whoa… great stuff man… I really like the characters poses
lighting looks cool, but hard to say without the background added… till then

keep moving… time running out


Hi everybody, I know Artur by person. He asked me to tell you that in the night when he was rendering the scene with the units, there was a power jump or unstability(I don’t know the proper words). His computer is dead now, but he’s fighting with getting the data back from the hard drive. Hopefully he’s getting a new computer tomorrow(a real machine from hell:)). So sorry for delays, hope that it’s temporary.


ooh thats terrible!:sad: !! wish u a very soon recovery and back in to track in no time arturro!:slight_smile:


Oh Arturro… Man… I know the pain. You freak, you wanna cuss, and throw the machine out the window… but you cannot or else you loose your work… but it may be lost already… God man I am sorry to hear this. I really hope you get your machine back up and running quickly, I wanna see you finish man! 9 more days!


Arturro great progress man!!:thumbsup:
I hope that temporary slowdown won’t do you no harm but good…(you know sleep!!) With new computer (…rumors say pretty powerful) I think you’ll save some rendering time…so see you soon!!!:bounce::bounce:


• I hope you can recover your data Artur, I have been allways afraid of that, so I made a backup CD with my space Opera project, wich rememberrs me it is time for a new one…:sad:

• I hope your new computer helps to speed you up in this remaining days my friend, Go on!


shitty…just shitty… :cry:


Ahha man, now thats bad… Hope Youll recover all of Your data, there has been to much time put into this!


Ah F**k Mate! :frowning: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo


Hi everybody! Data recovered. Only the file witch was in use is down. But there were copies, so it’s ok. Tomorrow promised and hopefully asskicking update:) Small delay shoudn’t change much I hope and he’ll manage to finish. Best wishes and let’s wait for the updates.


great man! cant w8 to see update!


that’s a relief. you would have won the tragedy award otherwise


Thanks everyone for your support. I’m back in action, with new energy and power;)
Data recovered, everything works ok now. I’m finishing the rendering and in about 15 minutes I will upload something to be criticised:)
thanks again for the support.


thats great friend! was worried much, but ur ok !veiw! :). so hows the new machine eh?


Hi Arturro :slight_smile:
welcome back. hope to se a update soon :slight_smile:
cause time is running out :slight_smile: cu .



Thanks for your interest. I’m working now on my old computer, but with new power supply unit and new network card(these were down during the bad accident). I think I will buy an UPS now. The new computer arrives from hell tomorrow. P4 3,6Ghz EE, 2Gb of 533 ram memory, intel motherboard with 925x chipset, geaforce 6600GT. Hope it will rock. For the price od the computer I could get a better one(dual work station probably with weaker other parameters) but I get this computer by some acquaintance for a very low price. Real bargain, but i don’t have a choice in the parts. Still no reason to complain:)

Ok, and here is what I got… in 5 minutes


Ok, this is what I get… not much post in it.

  1. engine glows to be done in post(the light on the rangers’ comes from the engines)
  2. More red light in the middle and background, from the explosions. But I’m still working on the particle big boom:) So just imagine more red there:)
  3. More ground units in the background to be added.
  4. Air battle in progress:)

ok, shoot me with your impressions and some advices and crits.


oooh that one hell of a render arturro !:drool:! hmmm … i think the foreground mixes up a bit,i dunno how this happened maybe the fore ground lighting is too constant. but heck the render is excellent
btw u could also detail the bg a little but thats just a suggestion

outstanding work my friend! :bounce::bounce: