Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Here’s a little breakdown of the passes i so far have rendered. There are also few object buffers (masks for certain objects). Shadows are rendered separately, as i wanted more control over them - while they may not be physically accurately placed, they are placed the way i want them. Fog pass is useful for all kinds of selections involving plane separation - fore-, middle- and back- grounds. Slime pass is just reflections of objects impersonating sky and fire, to give objects slightly ‘wet’ appearance. Fire was actually done using maya’s paint effects.


Nice proses boy … :thumbsup:


Bigger one this time. Added some little details here and there, overpainted some things etc. Almost there, maybe a few tweaks tomorrow, and then… done :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Perfect! not too much, not too less. If you find time you can try to add gently blurry vapours, from the cooling down front engine… But there is no need, just a hot thought:)


hmmm… i think its all good… except one thing…

the ship… it looks like its yawning… or screaming maybe :stuck_out_tongue: perhaps thats what you wanted?

and my eyes are greatly drawn to it im finding… (though that could be because of the yawn thing going on…)

great job none the less though!


Hi Andrzej!
Wow, this is a stunning image mate! Really awesome! :bounce: The fog worksout really great giving this gloomie effect :thumbsup:
P.S. Thanks for explaining!


Some subtle vapours are likely to come. As for the yawning ship… well certainly i had some big sea animal shape in mind, or more likely subconciousness :wink: Here you can see the ship better - that engine indeed reminds a gaping open mouth a bit. Anyway, too late to change it now i think :slight_smile:


Ship is coming so great …and this image is AWESOME azazel :bounce:


You’re doing a very ncie picture, azazel. Great mood, and this guy is full of character!
Did I mention I love the lighting and colors? it needs a slight tough of blue in my opinion… I’d like to see that blue light source that lights your character on the side… maybe some lights on the ship?


Good point m@. There actually is the blue light on the ship, only it got lost a bit in post process… i’ll bring bit back. Or quickly render a blue rim over the ship. Thanks.

Dimi, Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey men you realy realy have done a realy nice job …what sofware do u use …:thumbsup:


Software ? Wings 3d for modelling and UV’s, cinema 4d for everything else. And of course photoshop.


Subtil ship with simple but great design… I like that… :thumbsup:


Implemented the comments about light on the ship, subtle as it is, i think it helped a bit :. Also, added more light from the fire on the ship - and it seems to help a tiny bit in the ‘yawning’ case :wink:


WoW, I like this pic, she’s very originaly, this lighting is very god and the characters very nice, very good work, good luck


no no no i dont thinkl so…for the first time the imege loaded my eyse gose to the left uper corner insted of the character…(i think)chage that the way it was:)


rock on buddy, if u was a girl I would marry u!!! love this pic… the best pic in this challenge infact!!

and I agree with the blue light…


…after all ‘baby’ talk, should i be afraid now ? :wink: hehe thanks.

Anyway, you agree the blue light is better or worse ?


hahahahaha don’t be afraid I’m straight, just a little drunk! :smiley:

but in my mind, a little blue rimlight spread around on the eggs would add to the pic. it’s atleast worth a try.


This has to be one of the most bizarre entries in the challenge. Nice job, strange but nice!