Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


wow! this is already excellent!:bounce: love watching the progress i this thread! excellent lighting and mood. no crits :)!
this is a beauty azazel!:buttrock:


very sweet style! i have seen so manny styles on this competition didn`t even know there is half of them :smiley:


Great work azazel. I think that there should be a shadow on the egg from the frying pan. If there shouldn’t be one, I advice to make one anyways:) In my opinion it would look more real. Now the egg looks bit strange.


sorry to interupt your tortilla cooking…

here’s what I think…

I really don’t know if I’m the best to judge or criticize your picture…I think it’s not too bad…

but I think you could really improve it…the thing that bothers me, is really the design of the monster…

may I suggest something more like this…I think it would give something way more interesting…

:scream: :scream: :scream:


you are working very gently with the colors, i like that.


Hahahahaha, I like baby’s modification to the scene. mmm, fried banana sounds nice. I must admit, baby is pretty good with modifing scenes in photshop(or whatever program you use), i mean those animals seamlessly blend into fellahs scene and the bananas look like they are actually part of this scene. WOuld be really scary if he did get people’s pictures and stared doing stuff:eek:.


More texturing, cranked up some lights as well.


Kaksht: Thanks. Goo has changed a bit now :slight_smile:
Geta-Ve: Hopefully now the story is bit clearer… and maybe more disturbing as well.
DimitrisLiatsos: :thumbsup:
claudio_jordao: background light is more or less done, anyway i want to keep background things as silhouettes mainly.
yunisirees: Thanks
markovicd.: Glad you like the style.
arturro: thanks, i’ll keep that in mind
baby: hahahahahahahahah oh well, i’ll have my revenge on the banana-invaders :slight_smile:
Darkone2652: Thanks. colors and light really make or break the image, so i’m careful :wink:
ace4016: fortunately i don’t think i posted my photos online :slight_smile:


cool idea the tentacles !!!


WOW! :bounce: :eek:

no crits this time… for me you don’t have to finish it. right now its enough!


Looks good…a great mood you have created with your image…I feel though that it needs more sense of motion…A little late to cahnge anything I know…perhaps if you did something with the fire in your final render or post…perhaps you already have this planned…anyways I like your entry… :thumbsup:


Hey… This is looking nice. Very atmospheric. Something in the very very back would finish this off very well… Good work.


man, I really love the colour scheme. these green atmospheres fit perfect. man, you are one of my top


WOW! I have been watching this thread for a while and the way U model and master SSS is really brilliant :slight_smile: :bounce:
And i like the touch of black humour U got here :slight_smile:


ah yes that is better, may I suggest some actual flames? and some smoke coming from the pan? that might aid it as well :slight_smile: great job so far, my your definatly getting my vote :slight_smile:


to good, kinda got the spirit of a 2d drawing. it’s already full of life, which is not easy to do in 3d when we create everything and leave nothing for the eyes/brain to interpret.
sad that it’s not more “grand” in scale. it would have made it a bigger competitor to the first spot in this challenge.


Texturing and all done. Here is temporary composition. Smokes, particles and all that stuff in next days. I think i’ll start hi-res render tonight.


azazel … i enjoy watching amopshere of this scene! NICE!


Thanks guys. More motion, as sparks, smoke etc will come. I’m very satisfied hearing what you say, fellah, i indeed approach it as i’d approach if it was a painting - and i’m quite happy with the result. :buttrock:


Hi Andrzej!
Looking great here, the textures look amasing! :thumbsup: