Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Now it is much more better…


Hey that’s looking great.

I am interested in seeing what you do with the BG


Haha, I love your idea :love:

Just one thing, I think the egg have to be “crackeled”, it looks like a vase or pot now.

Great work :thumbsup:


nice idea and specialy like the mood light setting in the image!:slight_smile: is it going to be final!


you are doing a good job with the lightning, giving the picture a nice mood.


Started texturing the whole thing. Quite simple materials really, with touch of sss to make things look more ‘organic’ and soft. there will be additional passes for speculars, to make it more slimey, later on.


wohoooooow looks like u will finish, damn… :smiley:
maybe squeeze his right hand around the handle a little more. but it’s a shitty little thing. looking forward to see how u solve the slimeyness… look’s excellent sofar, really.


Hopefully i’ll finish, 10 days left. Not good :). Yes, the light is generally final, but there will be some minor tweaks after all the textures are ready. For the background - something simple, like some vapors and mists, it’s foggy anyway :slight_smile:


it too late to bend his torso a little bit toward us ?

first we would see him better…then he would look like he’s watching what he’s doing, right now he’s not looking at all at his action…a pity considering the character is so cool…
otherwise…to quote my swedish lover : "wohoooooow "


Bit late for that… but, in first pose test i posted, i did just that. Didn’t like how it looked, so i bent him backwards a bit…


Yes… I think like Baby… that’s better if he’s watching what he do… or the half of the slimey will go on the flour…

That’s a :thumbsup: very simpathic composition Azazel…


Really fun image, great character designs and wonderful palette… looking forward to seeing this polished!

Great job so far!



Man…light and color feeling of this is really sweet…can’t wait to see it complete…and i am also curious to see the sss shader touch up on this… :bounce:


hi Andrzej,
looking great! well, just some observation on the light…seems too dark. anyway, wish you luck! deadline is so near!


More texturing… the suit will yet receive more attention, face and ship are still intact.


Lemog: As i said to baby, bit to late for that :wink:
cgkrusty: thanks :slight_smile:
Dimitris: SSS is on almost everything organic - but not very strong. Don’t want to overdo that.
shiela_G: This is most likely the issue with my lcd monitor, which is brighter than most crts. I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.
fellah: you better finish that entry of yours, or baby will ruin whole zoo :slight_smile: and start using people :wink:

As you see, this one has different colours than previous one - heh every time postproduction is a bit different, don’t mind that :wink:


Hi Andrzej!

Wow, now those textures look really awesome here, esspecialy like the goo :slight_smile:


simply incredible man.

only crit from me is that even from the newest update i had no clue what the pic was about, until i read the story…

i dont think the story comes off as well as you might have liked it to…

the picture/light/render/etc is great so far, but if you dont know the story (for me at least) i just dont get it…

great great great job though :slight_smile:


:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :thumbsup:


Great job azazel… I love your last update. Still needs some ligthing work on the background scene, right?