Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Very nicely modeled and lit! May I suggest that your pirate needs a hat! Where is his gangplank that he’s standing on, and a space pirate ship in the background? Arrrrrrrr…


PS - How do we get 3D people to start posing their characters when exposed to the publics eye?


Sorry for not replying earlier, i wanted to have some update to go with the reply, unfortunately, no luck here - been bit busy lately :wink:

HieSpike: he’s not likely to be ‘looking away’ - his backside is not that interesting :slight_smile:

claudio_jordao, painkiller: Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Versiden: yeah, that my be a bit of a problem - but i just had to model him after i sketched him - even if he end’s up being very small in a final image ;), besides, i like character-centric pieces. thanks - might as well do that :wink:

Rui_Padinha: Cosmix was very nice, nice character, and very cool visual style, especially in wider, open-space shots. Well done :thumbsup:. As for charismatic characters, i like such ones much more than generic ones - generic characters are most often simply boring :wink:

jamacsween: Great idea, steam-clockwork parrot, hmmm, will see what i can do. Thanks.

JamesMK, Static Project: Thanks :slight_smile:

Daniel McMillan: I actually have some sketches of the ship - unfortunately it’s for a single person, so only crew would be that parrot mentioned by jamacsween.

Had to scrap few of my ideas as they are already done by some people in this challenge, thinking about new ones hehe :wink:


Hey bro!

Wow glad to see your work in this contest! And why arent you working for the people that make Oddworld, or Oddworld Stranger!? These designs remind me of them so much! and i love that!! cant wait to see more from you =)


hm, long time since last update… you wanna end up in my signature like the rest of the poor guys who quit the challenge?? :wink:


Great work thus far my friend. Let’s not let this one die, eh?


great character and modeling, cant you port him to UT2004 so we can see him at work lol?


Hey azazel… helloooooooooo! :bounce:


Back in business, finally. Various reasons kept me away from working on the challenge for last few weeks.

Story: Our brave pirate had an ‘emergency landing’ on some far away planet. Accidentally he landed at the centre of great colony of eggs… being quite hungry, he decided to cook himself some scrambled eggs with bacon… What he didn’t know was that eggs belong to the dominant species of that planet, quite nasty predatory beings (that tentacles at the horizon ;)). It’s pretty obvious they don’t like the idea of their offspring being eaten…

edit: Anders, now you don’t need to change your sig :wink:


very very cool…

(nb: i prefer fist gunz)

one of my fav so far…great character…


ah yes, great scene concept. looks like something that can be made quite fast but still look nice.


Hey Azazel… it’s the first time I see your space pirat… and I find it true good… cool design… I’m in hurry to see the next step… with the composition like your sketch… congrats man… :thumbsup:


Testing the pose (no rig, jest a combination of vector rotations and magnets in wings). To fix:

  • his left shoulder
  • his left hand (fingers)
  • creases on the belly
  • rotate the frying pan a bit, so it’s clearer what it is.

few more.


baby: heh in the end, gun is not even likely to be seen :wink:
fellah: hopefully, as there are also other deadlines to meet :frowning:
Lemog, thanks :thumbsup:

Now that i look at it, his right leg will be changed also, to balance the pose bit more.


hi azazel i was expecting you very very sooner each time i connect i check yout entry for new updadet…
exelent job :thumbsup:


your design is very cool ! can’t wait to see more!


Great character, and I like your comp sketch. Can’t wait to see the other models and the textures.


ok, now the pose looks imo better


and this pose looks okay at other angle too :slight_smile:

Yasser, there should be more updates now :wink:


i hope so …:scream:
imagine when the challenge finish we need a heuge time to ook to each another final image …
and it is realyyyyy intresting.:love:
ike to see more … here:bounce:


Hi azazel

I was looking for your thread, its progressing well, I love your concept painting,
I would love to see it animated, they should have a whole new space opera where you have to animate the final image into a 2min scene, would be great!

Check my link

Paolo Patina!