Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


absolutely fantastic character Andrzey !!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
very, very expressive!!!
great work man!!! really great!!!:thumbsup:
best of luck and cheers!


Teapot-7: thanks. The previous guns were no rayguns - more like advanced looking blunderbuss. Some steampunk elements are likely to appear in final image, but not sure if i go totally that way.

Hasch2o, shoey: Bullets - yes, thay likely will appear. Holsters - that is another matter, they’d be bit too big, and typical belt holster can be a bitch to rig. Maybe something at the back - but not sure ;). Scar will come, i’ll do it with a texture :).

overcontrast, greentek: thanks


AMAZING character!!! :eek:

Man your modeling is excellent! I like it a lot!! :bounce:
Very nice style, and for the guns, i like the second one, they don’t disturb me, also if it’s space opera, some “relic” from the past can be easily merged with something a little more scfi… :shrug:
Great render too!! I don’t know if the question was already ask, but wish soft did you use? :blush:

But one more time : Nice Work i like it!!! :thumbsup:

Waiting for update. :applause:


the fatman , can i call him fatman ? :smiley: , is coming great!


THis model is just too cool. Love the character. Great progress, can’t wait for the texturing.


Aaaaaa haaa
This Is a Great Gun Hope See More And More of Him:thumbsup:


Added the bullets - they ideed fit him (although technically that kind of bullet would not fit his weapons - let’s just assume it would;)). Ok, now no more of him until i have some concept of the final scene. Then i’ll move to the texturing :slight_smile: and rigging :(.

Edit: Thanks guys for your kind words. Model and UV is 100% wings3d, render is a quick radiosity setup in cinema4d (not so quick to render) - but radiosity is unlikely in final image. Everything will be lit by hand, with AO pass to bring out small details.


hey azazel

as expected, the bullets look great.
I’m really looking forward to the textures.
What kind of Color-scheme do you want to
use? Do u stick with your sketches or do you
want to experiment a little??

Will he have a crew? or even a ship???

Can’t wait for updates!!




Hey azazel

The pirate is looking really great, those guns and the bullets are great, like the big hands of the guy :slight_smile: Great job there!


Hey azazel

Thats a nice bit of modeling, great scale and mass, his boots look a bit wooden though

would need to look softer to high light movement, its only my opinion

cant wait to see the full scene, nice work the guns are super classic, bullets the biz!



Hasch2o: I’ll experiment a bit, but i want to have a color scheme of the final image first, then work out colors for this guy - it’s easy to find interesting schemes for him alone, but not sure if they would work in a bigger scene.

Kaksht: Thanks :slight_smile:

patina: The boots are actually mostly metal - based on a real divers boots. but real ones are not flexible, so i made the sole three part, so it can bend :slight_smile:


cool guns and bullets…now lets see the composition he’s going in, because we might not see the bullets if he’s looking away from us, no? Good luck. - But, I’m sure you might not care about that because regardless of how this competition ends, yuo’re going to have a cool model after all! peace


It’s my first time in your thread, and it will not be the last, for sure, azazel.
I love your pirate, it’s very funny. Keep working!


great character ! the classic style guns looks better then the first one .

and i’am looking forward the texture too , keep up ! :bounce:


hey dude

amazing character you’ve created here, excellent work!

my only crit is that I only see the character as the focus of this piece, and no sense of a larger event of galactic history. I haven’t been following so I don’t know your plans, but I’m sure it will be great.
Hope to see more concept sketches…



Nice bullet but if you bring out the bullet head to become a hemisphere then i think it will axactlly look like the measure of the gun :wink:


Hi there Azazel!

I was just following your thread link from my post and Whhoooaa!!!
That character of yours has some serious personality, and the last pic you posted really packs a punch in terms of pose\staging…

Actually this tipe of cartoonish character really speaks to me because I was recently involved in a short film with a similar style… check it out! www.arqui300/cosmix

I can appreciate that it’s not always easy to truly create a charismatic character, but imho you’ve nailed it just right! Congrats :thumbsup: :bounce: :thumbsup:

But what I’m really curious about is… what kind of trouble will he be in?


Hi Azazel,

Love the character and cant wait for its enviroment.

I was thinking about either a parrot of some kind, or a little monkey :slight_smile: But not sure if it’d fit the final image, so it’ll have to wait a bit.

A good idea - what about a mechanical parrot of some kind - gears and pulleys/small pistons and a small smoke stack (stam driven). Might be too much detail though…

Look forward to seeing more…




Oh, that’s one great character with tons of attitude, perfectly executed… Really looking forward to see how you’ve planned the final scene here :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I like this guy !!!