Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Now that i googled a bit for fraggle rock… i seem to remember something, but for sure it was called different here in poland… anyway, i don’t see that much similarity, but - if i could get a plush toy done of that pirate here, now that would be fun. More updates tomorrow, mainly detailing :slight_smile:


in poland “fraglesy” hehe. it could be similiar with big amount of long fur.
boots are fantastic. great job, don’t stop!



The character has so much stunning presence! Love the hands.:smiley:


Krzysiek: thanks, still, i don’t remember that title, only some ‘visuals’ ;). Boots are greatly inspired by old diving boots with lead soles - it’s likely there will be more details coming from that inspiration. I’m not stopping anytime soon, but shouldn’t you post some updates of your entry ? :slight_smile:

Martin: thanks. Hands you say… they were supposed to be gloves, so some tweaking is in order. I made them in that pose, as it’s likely he will hold a gun or two, so i won’t have to rig the hands.


you are right, i should get back to post some in my own thread :slight_smile: but currently i’m fightning with concept, the one in my head.

any way: here are the gorgs, from “fraggle rock”, now when i see them, your fat guy is totally different.

and scuba style can be good idea…


I Pray For You At all


Very good character design.:thumbsup:


this is a great character, i especially like the pipe… i think sometimes a simple prop gesture to explain a persons nature gets forgotten, but you have shown here it really does work!


Hi Andrzej! Nice character you got here. I saw hsi picture, and after this, I have read your description… I must say you have matched his appearance exactly with the description. What do you think of some sort of parrot on his shoulder?:slight_smile: Not earth one of course, but in a similar style. I don’t know in what situation you would like to place this gentleman, but i think that such a parrot would be a nice element, just as this pipe:thumbsup:


I spend last few evenings unwrapping him, and trying to find a gun design that’d fit him… not exactly happy eith tghe gun yet.


and just for fun, some uv’s - i have to say uv mapper in wings rocks

I was thinking about either a parrot of some kind, or a little monkey :slight_smile: But not sure if it’d fit the final image, so it’ll have to wait a bit.


Amazing character…i know …it’s not the first time i say this… :love:


Frick. That guy is totally the best character i’ve seen in this compo thus far. Totally movie worthy. Kinda like a pixar version of a starwars character. Totally inspiring.


Oh my god, that ROCKS!! Nice modeling man. Love the character and story. Cant wait to see a sketch of what the scene will look like. Deffinite winner potential here. peace and think grand!!


I am Not Agree With The Gun
Other Are Very Great Model:thumbsup:


Since i also didn’t like the guns… these ones seem to fit him better. I’m very happy you like him, means a lot to me. For a final scene, i’m thinking about some over-the-top action scene, like this guy here against something much much bigger, or maybe against multiple enemies. The fact that these new guns give him only four shots could make it look even more hopeless ;). :twisted:


I love your alien - just the sort of guy you’d find as a bouncer at the spaceport bar (though I’m sure he has a good heart and is kind to little aliens).

Can I put in a word for the earlier version of the guns though? Unless you’re going to go for a really SteamPunk feel, I think rayguns are better suited to SPace Opera.


hi azazel

amazing character, looks really great.
just a suggestion, make his belt a little wider and add some bullets to it.
would really like to see it with big bullets. or even some pockets on his belt.
He doesn’t have any place to put the guns away, if he doesnt need them,
while driving a spaceship or whatever. Let him attach them with some magnets
to his pants or whatever :slight_smile:
Oh…and if you want to add some mean character to it, add a scar under his
eye-patch. ok, the idea is a little…hmmm…overdone by now, i know, but
who cares :wink:

keep up the great work, looking forward to updates



Wow, really nice character. Great design. The second set of guns are great and suit him a lot better. He just needs somewhere to holster them now, don’t know where though as i think a gun belt might spoil his suit.

Great work, nice job on the hands by the way, thats an area i always have trouble with but yours look great:thumbsup:


wow… that character kicks ass!.. aweomse feel to it… and i like those guns… :thumbsup: keep it up man