Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


heya azazel,
so glad to see you in! and I’m glad you are aiming for a humoristic concept, not alot of them in this challenge as far as I’ve seen.

a few things about your character that I noticed.
he looks a little to round, have you considered adding more angles to his face, a few straight “lines” would add alot. like, defining the jawbone and then have very thin parts of skin(like from ppl who where reaaally fat and then made a diet) hanging and flapping. almost like in the frontview concept.

also, I think it’s a little bit strange to have skin going around the area where a nose is usually located, and then not having a nose. but, I think it would look even more strange not to have it like that. I really like the idea with gills instead. but it works better in the concept somehow, can’t put my finger on it.

still I like him alot already, I would like to see a little more definition though. but, that might be personal preference, as with everything.

…I wonder what his IQ is…? :wink:


Thanks, guys.

Michael: No wispy stuff, to annoying to make, and i don’t think it’s really worth - i doubt there will be a closeup of the face… Curent poly hair is annoying also, but that has to stay…

Anders: Right. Some angles will appear, on eyebrows especially. As for iq, he does not have a banana instead of his brain, does he ? :wink:


Made the jaw bit more angular, as the eyebrows. And details, eyepatch, pipe…


the little shark-pipe is really nice little addition! and the jaw-change gave him more character imo.

a little thing, the eye-patch strap, can it really look like that? looks glued to his head. but I also see the problem in doing it the “right way”.
pff, shitty little critic… :smiley:

looks great from this view, would be neat to see a few other views later when you feel ready.



Great character. It’s been fun watching the development of his personality through your modeling. I really like this latest pose with the pipe and all. I think his expression is saying a lot about who he is in a very clean and simple way. Very nice!


Really like this azazel, that character has a great sense of fun somehow :thumbsup:


im really hapy that it’s 3d :). not 2d, hehe
nice clean wire. maybe too clean. are you planning to use some kind of displacement, zbrushin or smth? or this character is too far too see that kind of detail?
and of course pipe is just zajebista. i can’t wait to se the final scene with this guy.



Anders: Yeah, eyepatch was not great, fixed it a bit… more angles will follow in a minute or two :slight_smile:

Gary: Thanks :thumbsup:

Brian: Thanks. It IS great fun to work with this character :slight_smile:

Krzysiek: No displacement, just good old bump. And, it’s likely the character won’t be too big in final scene.


More angles, here the eyepatch is not yet updated (changes are not big anyway ;))


WOW! Freakin’ cool character yet! Awesome modelled! I’m really, really looking forward for more stuff! Keep feeding me :wink:

Greetz & Good luck,



And a start of the body - some proportions may change a bit, but that’s the general idea. Fists and shoes are placeholders for now, as without them proportions look ‘screwed’ :slight_smile:


I totaly like this guy…waiting to see more before i can give any pointers, up to now i really like him and also like your approach to the Space Opera theme…:bounce:


Really cool memorable character. Excellent stuff.


Very funny character !

Reminds me a little bit the villains in the show of the eighties “fraggle rock”

Good work.


very friendly but dangerous and unpredictable. nice character :thumbsup:


Great Character
Nice :eek:


thanks guys, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Texxx: hehe never ever heard of that show… :wink:


The character is great , He looks peaceful even with this agressive proportions.



hehe never ever heard of that show… :wink:

OMG! poor you… :sad:

excellent updates since last time i checked, no crits.
just dont stop, like m@ will…



Witam Andrzeju,

Thats a cooool character you have here :smiley:
I will follow this funny thread with attention, the humoristic way coud be a good idea :thumbsup:
Good luck to you!!