Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
it brought me to laugh on a pleasing way :slight_smile:


thnx for taking time to tell something bout your workflow.
so programwise you start in wings and do all the modelling and texturing there,
then you export your model over to maya and set the lights and render it there?
or did you do everything in wings?


I also really would love to see a wiremesh screenshot showing the light setup


yunisirees, theuni: thanks :thumbsup:

mimo8: no no, modelling and uv in wings, scene assembly, materials, lights etc in cinema 4d - only thing from maya is the pfx fire - guess i could have painted that in photoshop ;).
Hope these two will give at least some info about light placement. Green lines are clipping ranges - most light affect only part of the scene, some of them are specular only, lot of exclusion going on, and so on…


great - thnank you … coming from cinema the wires talk to me (I can read them ; )
If you dont mind I will continue my little interview, cause this workflow thing is pretty interesting. When I open wings it looks very dry to me, so I ask myself (or better you) if the modelling speed is worth taking a closer look at it.
specially because cinema is a great modeller (me think … I also like maya for modelling, dont get it why people sometimes say its polymodelling is no good, just because some minor functions like edge loop could be improved)
so is it any special tools (like magnet, mirror …) that make you work on the mesh in wings or just your habbit.

another idea would be to import a ready modeled mesh into wings, autoUV it there and export it right away … wings as a fast uv tool? could you imagine that?
what format do you use? .obj? .3dm?

hope you dont mind getting into UV detail here, I just take the chance to ask some questions to someone doing a workflow that I allways was thinking abbout.
UV layouting in cinema or maya is not that bad … its just a timeconsuming process, but once u have your way through it´s nothing that mystical bout it.
still something called autoUV sounds pretty attractive …

looking at the wires you seem to have mastered the art of setting light without using radiosity (you didn´t, or?)
not to many and not too less lightsources - like that way cause I can imagine that it renders pretty fast and could be even used for anim


Well, i have c4d 8,5 xl, not r9 - in new one modellling tools improved quite much, i’d use it more if i had it ;). There are some tools in wings that i like, virtual mirror, tweak, slide, magnets, and most of all, vector operations - you can move, scale, rotate along any edge, normal, etc. Similar tools are available in most other softwares, maybe except vector operations, but what i like most is that in wings they are easily accesible, intuitive, and properly arranged, no searching in various menus, everything is at hand (rmb menu), or under keyboard shortcuts. Take maya’s soft modification tools, they are clumsy at best, and i’m not sure if my cinema 8,5 even has such thing. Besides i used wings for last few years… i feel “at home” there :wink:

I used wings that way as well, for things that are painful to unwrap any other way, format - obj or 3ds, you can use fbx as well (export only)

Not having Body Paint my uv options in c4d are bit limited - i agree, with some experience uv’ing is not that hard. With wings i find it even easier and faster in some cases ;). Note, similar mapping tools, called LSCM Mapping are available in Blender as well, and some people with highend apps use Blender for that alone :wink:

No radiosity, no real need for that - don’t need color bleeding here, and lights are easier to control than gi/radiosity solution. As most of the lights don’t even cast shadows, or use low res shadow maps, i can really use as much of them as i want. I used Ambient Occlusion pass to darken the shadows, but this is rendered separately,with no lights at all. Unfortunately, c4d’s AO shader is bit slow. I also used sss shader, so the main pass is bit slow to render as well. In say PAL res rendertimes would be up to ten minutes for beauty and maybe bit less for ao per frame - assuming there won’t be any flickering with the low sample count i used. Anyway, this light setup will work in that camera angle only, so no camera flyaround :wink:


I really like the character in this concept. Love to see a wire. I hope we see more of this character in the future. :thumbsup:


thnx azazel for giving an insight in your workflow …
I really hope you are getting into the ranks (is this english ?),
and also just can repeat webheads posting, whishing to see more of this character in the future. The tension that you build up in this image just wants us ask for more … will his dinner be prepared in time … will he like the taste … does he have salt and pepper with him to spice it up … did the arms get al dente … and what will come for desert ???


webhead: take a look here:
and there should be better face wire somewhere between the modelling milestones i submitted :wink:
mimo8: i already have some ideas… hopefully i’ll have the time and motivation :wink: to realize them. Next challenge is not likely to help :blush:


Great colouring and what a fun image…I love the humor of the piece. Goodluck :slight_smile:


when does the voting end?
(could have looked that up in the rules :rolleyes: )


element5: Thanks :slight_smile:
mimo8: i think it ends today, assuming today is friday…


Azazel, the lighting in your piece is fabulous, a very pleasing picture to look at, and an attaching character. Good luck on the voting.


Congrats man… awesome job!


Great work, congratulations!


Fantastic entry - one of my fav’s.
Very original and humorous.

The lighting and mood are very well done.


Great rendering, enjoyed the tone of the piece.


Congrats on a very entertaining image. :thumbsup:


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