Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Excellent work!! Nice mood and original style!! :thumbsup:


Hi azazel,

I love this piece. The simplicity, lighting, composition, all really great work. A real pleasure to look at. It has a nicely polished look to the rendering too.
Well done! and good luck.



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…


Like the character,good lighting and decent texture job.But way too confined for GSO man.It’s more like a cracker box sized opera LOL.Character is quite simple,but does have a good look.I think a bit more light would have worked better IMHO.


Another one who I totally missed the entry… sorry azazel…

I view all your challenge page entries and congrats for the sketches an the modelling of your figure. This absolutely super stylish and a wonderful modelling work. I love this scene and colors that you choose and your final image rocks really … a big :applause:



Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kylebrn: I see your point. However, i find images character-centric more interesting than maybe great, but character-less epic, panoramic things. And by characters, i don’t mean great army of soldiers , but characters with some personality. It’s bit like reading a history textbook, and adventure story set in same time - i have much more fun reading ‘confined’ story maybe not always true to the facts, but dealing with characters, instead of panoramic, accurate, but lacking the ‘personal involvement’ historical facts. The key is to find some balance - i choose to focus on the character more. Just like it that way :slight_smile:


Somehow missed the fact that your final was up here, Andrzej… Excellent finish! Lovely lighting, very atmospheric and slightly spookey background environment… it’s all good :thumbsup: The lighting stands out the most actually, perfect ambience.


Light… that was the most fun part of the whole challenge, and i’m really pleased with the effect. On the other hand, lighting such stylized scenes is a bit easier than ‘photoreal’ ones - much more freedom. I’m thinking about a little project to play with realisitc light a bit - as the time permits :wink:


Well, I have to say that lighting as such is somewhat turning out as the most interesting aspect of this whole 3D thing… But realistic lighting surely is not quite as much fun - been working on some shots for a video over the holidays, and matching somewhat realistic lighting conditions mostly revolve around decreasing the impact and saturation of just about everything… it’s a bit like having a “dullness & lame.o.matic slider” that you keep pushing until it reaches 100% :smiley: … but that’s another story.


very nice colors and funny its a outstnading work i wish you the best …:slight_smile:


Heh, great job mate! Looks very good! :thumbsup:


That’s really, realy FANTASTIC artwork :slight_smile: I’d like to shake your hand :slight_smile: Congrats Andrzejku !

…and GOOD LUCK of course :wink:



swietna praca pod wzgledem technicznym i ideowym.
bardzo lubie ta nutke humoru widoczna w twojej pracy.



Yap, I second that with a great respect! Maybe we will drink a couple of beers some day, somewhere in Cracow;) And it is possible that we have seen each other as I am also from Cracow:) who knows…


Good luck in the Voting. I hope they will increase the number of shortlisted entries which get to the jury. But nevertheless, you made a huge progress and I congratulate you my friend! I’m looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece.


Well about the progress. I haven’t seen many of your previous works, but as I think that this work is more conciously done. I don’t see the technical prograss, but let’s say insode one:) Good luck!


Beautifull picture !! The lightning of your scene is a real success !! I really like the colors and the framing too !.. and I think that your picture produces a fun effect on the spectator… So your work is well done ! :applause:

Thus, great job !.. :thumbsup:


great entry …
allready said a hundreds of times, I just have to say it aggain:
the character is the best toon personage in the whole challenge (only fellahs german tourists could compete with that) and the light is giving the whole scene a great athmosphere

congrats man.

one technical question:
going through your thread you mention that u use wings UV unwrapper and you like how it does the job (heard bout its great auto-unwrapping before)
could you quickly outline your modelling, UV, texturing, rendering workflow



swag, Kaksht, , miloszwl, graga, Mr.Waka: thanks guys :slight_smile:

JamesMK: yes, and at the same time lighting is quite often neglected…

Kaszub: We’ll shake hands next time we meet :slight_smile:

arturro: about that beer, why not ? :wink:

mimo8: generally i start with concept sketches - before that there’s a lot of inspiration/reference research. Modelling is generally straightforward, starting with the rough forms, than detailing - i’m not big fan of starting the model from the detail. I like modelling characters in more relaxed pose, so even in default pose they look natural - T-pose is easier to rig, but for this challenge i didn’t even rig the character, posing him in wings instead (using vector rotations + magnets). Unwrapping… used to hate it passionately, not anymore - in cases of organic things, using autoUV saves me lots of time. It can became tricky for mechanical things - but not much trickier than any other way of unwrapping. For texturing, this time i used mostly hand-painted textures, lot’s of custom brushes involved. Materials are fairly simple, it’s all in the light - light is probably most important thing here. Used a lot of standard lights, and generally character and background are lit separately, i have more control that way. Rendered passes i posted few days ago, they should give you some insight :wink:


yup!:slight_smile: one of the greater entrys here!love the work and specially the lighting!:thumbsup:…nice work !