Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


I tried the blue rim on the eggs, but found it too distracting from the character. But, i added some blue tint to the upper right corner, IMO looks bit better that way.


yeah much more better…:thumbsup:


I was gonna say, “did you add blue to the upper right corner” but you answered my question. However to be honest I really couldnt see any blue before… like as subtle as it was suppose to be the two images (with and without the blue) looked exactly the same… at least on my monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I keep saying “my only problem” or what not, but I keep noticing things… the yawning is taken down alot :slight_smile: Now my little “ish” if you will is with the character himself… he seems to blend it so much with the eggs… the color pallette of both seem to be very similar…

I know its pretty much too late for anything else… er… isnt today the deadline? but ya i was just thinkin, thats all :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywyas man either way your definatly getting my vote :slight_smile:


Yasser: Thanks :thumbsup:

Geta-Ve: Yeah, there is a problem with this thing on different monitors, it looks different on all of them, like, totally diferent. Color palette on everything is quite similar… but that light setup makes even different colors look similar. To be honest most colors here come from light, not much from textures - textures are pretty desaturated.

Deadline is 17, isn’t it ? Anyway, i should submit finals soon… thanks for the vote :slight_smile:


Hahaha, love your image…sweet and humorous:)


no serious difference on my screen (21" mitsubishi diamond) between the latest 2 picture…
a small preference for the last one, cause a bit more blue tonality in the background… now, this one appear a bit more cold and finally contrast more with the character… good work… :thumbsup:


:: good work azazel
:: your last pic is really cool, i like pretty much the atmosphere.
:: wonderful color scheme but you could add more blue.
:: Congratulation…good luck… awesome:thumbsup:


Added bit more of that blue tint - bit more means like 5-7 % ;). More seemed too much.

And now… that’s it, it’s final version :). Done. It was great fun, learned a lot. Thanks everyone for your support, comments and crits. 'Till the next time :wink:


congratz mate… beautyfull atmposhere! :slight_smile:


yap, this dude here will have a nice meal:) my congratulations mate! I wish you best and see you on the next challenge, or maybe on a beer:twisted:


Hello azazel. Great job mate… one of my favorites! Good luck.


Really well done :buttrock:




Congrats man :slight_smile: It has been a long ride eh? :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps I will try to participate in the next challenge, heh


Excellent!!! One of my favorite entries, not too much in the scene but so much to tell. Great job azazel, i love the feel of the image. Good luck on the voting:thumbsup: .


Just wanted to drop by a couple of these :thumbsup: :thumbsup: …I like him…But I am a fool for fun lov’in rough and tough pirates to begin with…

Turned out real well.Nice mood,and nice character work,well done,and congrats on a nice piece of work/art…Again well done,and good luck to you…:arteest:


great work!!! colors are amazing! mood is > :bounce: !!!

congratulations!! :applause:


hummm… :sad: well… atleast I beat u in the 3darttopart challenge, guess it has to be 50/50 in life :smiley:

inspiring piece of work really…


this is just my favorite work of you
excellent piece!!:thumbsup:


Thanks everyone!. It was great fun.

Fellah: eeh man, we are still before judging now… :wink:


Interesting background, I like it. I like the character too he has alot of peronality.