Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Andrzej Sykut has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: done

Added bit more of that blue tint - bit more means like 5-7 % ;). More seemed too much.

And now… that’s it, it’s final version :). Done. It was great fun, learned a lot. Thanks everyone for your support, comments and crits. 'Till the next time :wink:


:bounce: :applause: :applause: :bounce:


I’m polishing the story at the moment, but it’ll most likely be something along the lines of ‘Adventures of a space pirate’ - that guy here ;). I doubt this will be completely serious… humour and space pirates mix quite well :slight_smile:

Dimi: Thanks :thumbsup:

And the face, for modelling purposes:


I like it. I like it a lot. He looks intimidating, but at the same time like he could just start laughing and cracking up at any moment. The patches on the elbows of the space suit are a nice touch. :thumbsup: I’ll definately be watching to see what situation he ends up in.


This character looks like it would be fun to texture. And the hair strands will give it a certain walrusy look.


I am very happy to hear that, as that’s how i want him to be :slight_smile:

DigiLusionist: yep, should be fun. Thanks.


Maybe his jaw is too big and without fat.
But the character is well builded
Good work. :thumbsup:


Kajaba: I want the ‘jaw’ to be more like loose skin - will fix that at the modelling stage. Thanks.

And now a bit of a background on our hero:
His name is Carharius Orholt, “Ori” among friends, “Fat bastard” among enemies.
Pirate, smuggler and heretic. Generally he tends to avoid the more populated regions
of the galaxy, as he’s wanted for various offences in a few dozens of systems.
Not a very succesful pirate by today’s standards - the more succesful ones quickly
made it to the various courts and governments. Ori, having serious authority problems,
is not the best suited for such life. He’s quite content with capturing merchant vessels from
time to time, or attacking a battleship just for his pure entertainment…
especially after a beer or two. [Note: Ori is a H’araian, and this race has quite interesting regenerative
powers - growing back severed limbs takes time, but is not that uncommon among them. So odds of Ori surviving
such a dangerous lifestyle are slightly better than it seems]. In spare moments Ori writes a book about his adventures -
a book where everything is bigger, faster and more impossible than it really was.

More to come :slight_smile:


great concept! lighting and color scheme is cool too! :arteest:
keep it up! waiting for some modeling! :buttrock:


hey Andrzej…very nice design.This guy has fun and interesting written all over his ugly but in a strange way beautiful face…:arteest:

I look forward to some excellent 3D from you.And for your storyline…Great to see you in now officially…Oh fat folds over riding the muscles seems right for him…Best of luck,have fun too…:arteest:


looks like a interesting fellow :thumbsup:

good luck


Nice concept on that creature . I look forward to see the main story brought to life.

My thread :


Still a bit to do: eyebrows, eyepatch, pipe, teeth, some scars maybe, and finally uv’s… I think he came out bit too friendly.

As for the final image, i’m still considering few possible ways, so please be patient :slight_smile:


looking forward to the final product ! :smiley:


Looks great. Will probably be a fun final image!

The fat on the neck looks a bit like gils although… Maybe that was the intention?


nice so far. I think, for getting a less friendly look, you should go for more wrinkles,eyes deeper into the orbits, and corners of mouth pointing downwards.
Keep it up!


Gills. He has no nose, so he uses gills :slight_smile: It’ll make more sense with teeth :wink: let’s say he’ll have a lot of 'em.


very nice concept character, massive head… love to see it with texture. :thumbsup:


That’s what he looks like with the teeth. Nice and friendly, but when he smiles, you know, better to ekhm… run away …


Nice…I think he looks fine as he is…A meaner version will never go as far as a more friendly one I think…I think you can go with this,he still is a menacing sort,but has a gentle kind of good guy look…Some thick poly whiskers and some wispy hair would go great with him too I might add…Nice going Andrzej…:arteest:

EDIT…I cant believe it…You posted this last shot as I was posting,and there are the whiskers…great minds think alike you know…:wink: :arteest: