Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


The sculpture kicks butt… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: amazing idea of matching old and modern style in your compo :slight_smile:


[color=white]Impressive work. It’s the fine detail of your work that catches my eyes. Beautiful work.[/color]


Here you can see the wip of the shades of the Colesume
which are 4 . 2 small 2 big.I have painted the shape on a preview then
I found the concept and then performed it .You 'll see the wip here.


This is the finish of the work.
To know more please have a look at the first wip of Shades.


good in mind and nice texture well done:thumbsup:


I don’t see this thread before… but whowwww… very impressive… my eyes are very happy now… great artwork here… I like your vision :thumbsup:

…and for sure… happy new year too :wavey:


lets fasten the seatbelt!!! hard working one here!

very nice and impressive work !that statue(the sphere holding man!)is really awesome!
ey val baba! ey val modelaye khafan!
very nice job.
keep up the original ideas and good work!:smiley:


Wow! I haven’t been to this thread in a while. Amazing work. Your city has just the right combination of believability and futuristic feeling. And that Bronze sculpture is great–the texture in particular looks like it came form actual weather and wear, not just random noise patterns. Keep it coming!


In this stage you see a part of work from my camera angle which is related to Grand City and can occupy 1/4 of my scene.It needs more details esp in the background of the city .Also it should be textured .
needless to say that the environment and lighting is not complete yet.
Hope to see your comments!



very nice variety on buildings.very natural city …:twisted:
like to see the final satage…:bounce:

keep the good freind :thumbsup:

good luck :scream:


AVesome city! that must have taken a sweet while … keep up the good work


hey , nice job . nice city.
keep on …

pirooz bashi


I thought you might see this image to get the way I have come up with the work.
There are 4 layers as you see(background,horizon,middle and foreground) ;each layer is rendered in separate scene and is combined with XRef Scene in Max.
I did it because I didn’t want a heavy scene and I could have separate lighting for better resolution.
In the final project they will be Compositing to get the final.


very nice process !
ur’s is getting better and better!
keep it up,
i thought that ur pc must have crushed with those polygons,but say the next post and finde it all.
very good work.


Hi adel3d,

great work so far! :eek: Just a few questions for the layering: Are you planing to let the background reflect in the water? And how do you “cut” your layers between “middle” and “horizon” ? Don`t you have to slice the street to do so? I´m still not familiar with this layering and compositing thing…


Excellent way of work man… A great lesson :thumbsup:


• Whoa, This is my first time in your thread and I am Impressed, very good job, I like your olimpic Idea a lot, the city looks pretty clean, very good design, modelling, texturing and rendering, Keep going pal, it looks amazing!


great work man.your attention to the details is awesome. :applause:

forward to see more and more till final.and may the force be with you…always… :thumbsup: :bounce:


fantastic work. I’m really enjoying watching this come together. :thumbsup:


Sorry for the delay .In the above render you can see the cut in middle and horizon.
Maybe I’ll show the layers in one scene.