Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


Very cool ship - the textures are just gorgeous… I love the paint metalic effect.


:thumbsup: Nice very nice i love that ships

nice reflections on this one conept is great cant wait for more:bounce:



Beautiful render and nice HDRI effect.

Very well realised concept. Only slight crit is the engines are working at an angle to the airflow (skewed of the longitudinal axis). This is a bit weird I think as, as they produce thrust they would force the craft fwd but also push the engines together. A wee mechanical point only that may be wrong…

Nice tho.



very good texturing

i like very good your concept sketch color:thumbsup:
good luck


adel…very nice.Wonderful concept and a nice finished Bee 5…textures and overall look is very well done.Only suggestion…You could give them a more used or worn look,beaten up look…but that’s depending on your exact thoughts on these ships…What you do have is a very nice peice of work,and I think you are doing a very nice job here,keep it in the fast lane,doing a real nice job…:thumbsup:


Thanks for all the comments!
Hopefully this is my last change I have gone through for the bee spaceship ofcourse some
of them keep their former style and some get this new style.I tried to use fresh colors here to have a friendly
and sincere atmosphere I didn’t want to show the spaceships dented, cracked or used because this is not a battle scene
but like Indies which are getting ready for the match with their maximum abilities the spaceships should be able to picture that.
By adding another layer of texture here I haven’t lost other layers .Two of the layers of the texture are fill and they are GIF format
so the files are not heavy although they keep the good quality.And as they have alpha channel ,the bottom layers can be displayed.


No battle,no real damage needed than Adel…:cool: …I like the idea of having some extra variation in the Bees…nice plan,and nice overall ideas and execution here.keep the very nice work coming…:arteest:


This is my fifth layout.It contains more details in foregrond and it’s gotten close to the final.But this
work needs a lot of details and ideas to complete.Also I might go through some changes in lighting.
Here you can see the balcony of Colesume which is beehive shape and has a good composition
with the bee spaceship.
Hopefully I can meet the deadline for finishing the work cause I am really busy these days.


adel nice progress here…
nice textures…


Your work shows great detail and vastness all at once. Looking forward to seeing your progress.



My project is divided into 3 parts; the background,middle part and foreground.
I work on each part separately ,then I’ll composite them to get the final.
Here you can see the background which is the sky in the back and contains
a big planet too.
What you see here is in the first stage which is close to the final project ofcourse in the background.


hehe I like your style man so fantasy and cool :slight_smile: the ship is great I wish I have one like this :slight_smile: Wish you luck I will fallow your thread Ciao :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:


I really like the background plate so far. Lovely colors. I almost wish it was a larger part of your image.

One crit, though: It looks like the main planet is not quite a perfect sphere. Has a flat edge there on the bottom left. Or maybe my eyes are going bad.



The background it looking very cool and I really like the whole bee/swarm idea. It really fits well with the whole grand space opera thing.


Hello there!
I havent been participating in the challenge for a while, but your work is definitelly one to be followed! Is is looking fantastic from the last time I saw it (about three weeks ago!!! ouch!) keep on the good work, and hope to see you in the finals!!!


hi adel
long time no…
grate stuff and lots of update here
nice ship
keep the good work the render man :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Hey all,
This is not a view of my project but is related to the buildings I am working on at the moment which
will be included in the final project.


???:buttrock: :buttrock::buttrock:


looking real good man… that city got style… keep up the sweet works mate! :thumbsup:


This is the wire frame of the site of my city (Grand city).
This is the kind of city everybody wishes to visit.
The buildings you see in the above image is related to my Grand city which is a part of
my final project.Lots of other buildings should be added to these in order to get a reasonable