Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


This is another view of my bee-like spaceship(BEE5) with its wire frame .
If you wanna know more you can read my previous comments.


Very cool, I like your work… keep going!


Very neat little spaceship, not much to crit there.:thumbsup:


Wow , really nice design in that ship Adel3d , it has a nice details . Leep the good work


Very Cool Design approach as to the angle of your concept sketches, I especially enjoy your 3d work thus far. It looks like you have a lot to do in less then 2 months now. I hope you finish as this really should be of epic scale when complete. Look forward to updates as to how your going to being the environment.



Good work so far…i’m glad to follow the working progress of such an epic scene…:thumbsup:



Gotta say that’s one insane concept you’ve got there man! :slight_smile:
I like the design on the Bee ship. It gives off a very good retro/futuristic vibe. Hoping we see this one to completion, but with what you’ve done so far it looks like you have no trouble modelling your stuff :slight_smile:

One question tho - for your ship concepts, how did you go about creating the actual concept? Did you draw them on paper (or digitally) and think “nah, this part doesn’t look too nice. Let’s try this one. Wow, that really works well.” or did you make the base model and just add bits to it like I’ve done on mine?

Weeee can’t wait to see the final images for this compo.


you master :buttrock:


ı love spaceship(BEE5).Very sweet ship

see my concept ships and challenge


Thanks for the comment!
About your question I can say that it had a concept which you can see in the concept of the whole project but I had the details of it on mind but when finished it went through some changes during the work.`I work the concepts by Photoshop or Painter Cause I save the time for scanning them.


Hey guys,
In one of my comments I had it was said that there should be movement in the scene.
Yes, I intended to do so and now here you can see that as the concept.Also there are some people on the
balcony or the ground walking and some moving with transportation.


nice Leda

good movement; it really adds to the overall comp and helps to balance it well. everything seems to be moving or pointing towards a common focal point and for me, this helps to create a very strong image.

-and i’m not gonna say anything more about that lens flare:) (oops)

keep it coming


oh, and i think you’ve got a good solid design there in the ‘bee’ ship -i like it; looks like fun!


This is the finished texture of my bee -spaceship.
I didn’t want that the texturing affect the body of the ship a lot.


Here you can see the finished spaceship(BEE5) textured on the body


great textures… the yellow really stands out.


I really like what you have modelled and the bee Ship model really is superb,it looks like a fun vehicle to drive. As far as my previous post about image size etc, I must say I really like the verticle image and did not intend for you to change it. I just thought the contest wanted you close to their aspect ratio wether verticle or horizontal, which I think you are but I thought you were getting very close to not being within their guidelines. I know I changed my concept because of this , maybe I will read the rules again.
Anyways keep up the good job:thumbsup:
My GSO entry

Note: I re-read the rules and your image size is perfectly fine, sorry if this caused you any grief. Mike


ur aircraft looks stunning… i like its playful dsign… good works with the textureing too… keep up the good works mate… :thumbsup:


:eek: woooow great work , nice texture and model :thumbsup:


Hi there! I can see a nice and original concept here. Good to know that not everyone see the subject with dark colors:twisted: I have an idea for you… I think it would be nice if those ships in the top of the picture were flying in some organized way with a color trials behind them… like on the parade, for example white, red and blue trials… they can fly in a sort of a triangle vee formation… just a thought…

good luck and keep the progress man:thumbsup:


great looking ship. the texturing is beautiful. keep it up. :thumbsup: