Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: adel adili (Leda)


You’r Geting Closeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee To Die
H a Ha Ha aahaha
I am Just Kidding Men
You’r Close to What you Have in Minde:twisted: Kill The Challenge


Very good start in 3D…i’ll stay tuned :smiley:


Nice feel to this scene adel3d - I like it! Your doing a wonderful job with sense of scale, and the POV really lends to that. Colors, mood, are very nice.



Hiya I see the modelling is coming along, My suggestion is …would there be huge screens around showing the people set back whats happening below. The screens could be hovering or mounted on the buildings…just a thought. :slight_smile:


Real epic, Adel:thumbsup: U are in place - great to watch your fantastic sketches…
Continue like that—I’m sure it will be amazing:bounce:

Best wishes



Your sketches are really nice, they have a nice vibrant and immense quality to them. I too look forward to the way this developes in 3d. Looks good so far.
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Thank you all!
This is the third layout I have come up with.I wanna work on the layout more to get the result I expect.
Here I have some lighting concepts .I’ve liked this lighting and copmposition but I don’t want the scene become visually messy.
I have’t focused on the Coloseum yet but the overall shape is what I got here.
Hopeflly I’ll finish it on time,
Hope o get your comments!


Adel, It’s coming along nicely, that has a fantastic touch, but if i were you i’d kill the symmetry more. another thing is i personaly prefer a horizental format for an epic scenery/landspaces, but this is a matter of choice, not else.

موفق باشی :slight_smile:


bravo! :thumbsup:
this is going to be cool!


hey well done man… these stuff is just too cool… keep it up… i’ll b waiting for more updates :thumbsup:


Fish eye lens.

Will do wonders for your comp.


I agree with you.

Horizontal format is really better for people when they see the images in their monitors or when they want to use it for advertisements, etc

Best regards


I was looking at your latest concept image, and I don’t think the aspect ratio of the image is within the contest rules. I would hate to have your image not be counted on account of that. I would check the rules on the size of the image. Dont know how exact they want the images to be .Just thought I would let you know.
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hey! that could mean a lot of trouble! Ill better check that also 'cause my scene has almost that same format!!!


Hey guys and thank you for your comments!:slight_smile:
Before anything else I have to say that while working on the project I’ve never thought of winning although winning is good.
As for the idea of vertical image I have to say that I’'d try to do the job compatible with the subject and my goal that might give me the result I expect.
In my opinion the image being fit in the monitor is not really an aim and I can’t sacrifice what I want for what is good for other purposes.Because one for example can say that on the contrary to that idea the vertical frame can be best used for the cover of the books but these are not our goals.
In my work I have some reuirements for the image that is better doable in vertical frame ;in the above I’ll have the sky and space;in the middle I’ll have the horizon and at the bottom the ground & the depth I want;although if I change it into horizental frame the focus will be on the horizon and the surface and I lose the focus on the Colesume.
Although from the point of view of a professional cinematographer if we want to show a scene as an animation we can have the movement of the camera vertically,in this way we’d have a horizental frame in zooming .
Finally I can say that this project can be considered as a vertical panaroma.
Hope I could make myself undrestood and you agree with me .
Again thanks everyone for your passion in following my work!
Hope to hear your comments!


Hi, I personally like the vertical framing - I think it works well with the stadium structure going so far into the distance - it makes the stadium the point of view (which I assume is the whole point).

mmoir, and others… I believe that you have misunderstood the contest rules. The contest doesn’t specify an aspect ratio - it specifies a minimum resoultion (approx) but does state that you can change this resoultion to suite your composition… meaning if you want a tall thin piece, than as long as one of the dimensions is from the suggested (And I’d probably reccomend to go larger than needed as this is probably better), or arround it, then you’ll be fine.


good stuff, leda

and i’m glad to see you’re sticking with the vert frame (and giving reasons that support this decision too!) -looking forward to seeing some movement/some sort of action (you mentioned people getting ready/mechanics preparing…)

however, i can’t talk -you’ve come a very long way and i’m still sketching out ideas (slow down willya?)

oh, btw -i think you can do better than that plain ol’ lens flare :slight_smile:



wow , your scene is very huge , maybe you can add movement to it , now its look like architectural visualization , and i agree that you can add lens effect to increase dramatic fx , good luck!


very good job! :thumbsup:


This is one of the steps from wip modeling of my bee-like spaceship(BEE5).
It needs some more details and a little bit of work on the texturing to finish.
It contains a few faces because I have lots of them in my scene and
I didn’t want a heavy projct but it is a complete and fresh model.I can say that they are medium poly.
In these models I never use mesh smooth.